'The Tonight Show' Turned Travis Kelce's Iconic Old Tweets Into a Song

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Travis Kelce's Iconic Old Tweets Are Now a SongYouTube

Aside from being a talented football player and man who can grow a solid mustache, Travis Kelce appears to be an undiscovered poet. Like, who wrote this, Shakespeare or Kelce? Impossible to distinguish.

Anyway, due to Travis' profound thoughts on "squirles," Olive Garden, and the enduring power of NAP TIME!!!!!! going viral, The Tonight Show went ahead and put his tweets to music. By which we mean Jimmy Fallon and Tariq Trotter gifted us "The Ballad of Travis Kelce."

Best to just watch below, but call-and-response lyrical highlights "Sometimes he was really deep, the whole world he'd inspire / The most powerful weapon on this earth is the human soul on fire!"

Another fave? "Then he'd take it down a notch and keep things super light / Bout to get some Taco Bell n see what's poppin tonight."

And naturally they closed the song with "NAP TIME," which, incidentally, is how I'm signing all my emails henceforth.

Meanwhile, we'd like to take a moment to turn your attention to one of our personal faves: "TOO MAD RIGHT NOW!!! cant find my phone! either somebody got me for it, or I just missed placed it, but either way, Im phoneless right now!"

And of course: "Damn..... my birthdays tomorrow and I don't got shit to do! Hate this feeling right now!"

Too real.

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