Tofu Rojak Salad with Mustard Greens by Chef Bob

Back from his trip to Archisen, Chef Bob is ready so put the veges to good use with his first dish, Tofu Rojak Salad with Mustard Greens in a parmesan cheese bowl.

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Video transcript


- OK, guys, now we're gonna do a simple salad again, right? But right now we're gonna incorporate fruits with salad. So fruits and salads, right, goes hand in hand together if done it right. I'm gonna use the zesty mustard from Just Produce. OK?

Crispy bite with an intense wasabi-like flavor. You see? Wasabi like flavor, huh? We can now with the fruits, huh? It goes well, hand in hand, together.

OK. So again, rinse it. So I'm gonna serve this right, in a Parmesan cheese bowl. So got a pan here. All right, to a medium heat first.

Sprinkle, right, just one layer of cheese. So the Parmesan cheese, it will be pliable when it's hot. When it's cooled down, it will harden. So that's where you get the cheese bowl itself.

Overturn the bowl, just like that. And make it like a mold, so that we can shape our Parmesan cheese bowl. OK? OK.

So next up, you're going to toast the pine nuts. So pine nuts, it has that really, very, very nutty flavor for a taste. OK?

And while thinking and, you know, while cooking, I thought the pine nut brittle will goes well with this. So I'm gonna put some sugar, caramelize it. A bit more water to dissolve it.


OK. So the pine nuts, laid up, really nice and flat. Let it harden, and we can have it as a brittle to put over our salad.

OK. Let's fry our tofu puffs. So they puff up. Yeah, you can see really.

Woo. You can see. Oh, this one, the bounce, really good.

Once you sift it, put it in the fridge. Make it cold. We're gonna do our salad dressing. Just like rojak, our Singapore rojak, you need to have the petis.

So to make it really vegan or vegetarian, right, I'm gonna to use our Marmite or yeast extraction. Yeah, baby. For the acidity, lemon, just half a lemon is fine.

So for some sweetness, I add some honey inside our sauce or dressing. And then, next up is our passion fruit. The passion fruit will add the sweetness, sourness, or acidity, and that bite from the seeds, itself. This here, just mix it up.

A little of your honey. A little bit of honey more, and some salt, and black pepper. Tiny, tiny touch of olive oil.

So this buah salak, or I call it a snakeskin fruit, the texture-wise, kind of, sort of like water chestnut. But the taste is a distinct taste, airy, airy taste at the tip of the tongue, by the back of your palate. We can't cut it up. Just peel it off because there's a seed inside here.

We'll just roughly cut. Some Mandarin orange. All right. So we're gonna get the fibers away from the pulp, and can get all the juices when you bite into it.

Last, but not least, our tofu puffs, just cut into half. So we get a zesty mustard, and just put everything inside. We're gonna put it inside the bowl and garnish with the pine nut brittle.

So there it is, guys, the westernized tofu rojak salad with zesty mustard greens. All right. The tofu absorbs all dressing like a sponge. You see that?

Oh, my goodness. I never knew salad can taste this good. All right. I'm gonna finish this up.

See you soon, on the next one, on "Bob's Gastronomical Trail," season three. Let's go baby. Let's go. Aw shucks, yeah?