Toby Chan has no plans for marriage

10 Nov – Hong Kong actress Toby Chan doesn't think she should settle down as soon as possible just because of her age.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who has been rumoured to be dating affluent lawyer Warren Tong since last year, shared that it is unreasonable to be asking her to rush into marriage just because she is no longer in her 20s.

"My family has said nothing about it. Moreover, I still have a lot of projects after a year," she said.

Toby also admitted that she still doesn't have the urge to tie the knot, even after seeing so many friends getting married.

When asked if Warren has the quality to be her husband, she responded, "That fast? We're just friends. No need to give in to the pressure. We should just go with the flow."

(Photo source: Toby Chan Instagram)