Tito Tahan on How the Pandemic Has Affected Music Producers

In 2020, we learned just how much we need and love music. Being bored in the house and in the house bored, many of us have turned to gaming, tv, and music. Unfortunately, our long-standing battle with COVID-19 has caused many to submit and retract from further pursuing their musical careers. Nations are still crippled by the health crisis and many forced to socially distance themselves.

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The detrimental effects of the global coronavirus pandemic have hit many industries. Pandemic restrictions have impacted almost every aspect of the music industry. For many live events from artists, djs and bands are still in question during 2021. How about music producers - are they affected and in what ways, and to what extent? To get an in-depth perspective, we will gain insight from multi-platinum music producer, Tito Tahan.

Meet Tito Tahan:

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Tito Tahan is a multi-platinum record producer and entrepreneur who is setting the music industry fire with his impeccable ear for new talent and creative music for tv. Tito is a sync licensing expert with music on hundreds of tv shows, films airing every season. Tito’s popularity in the music industry is quite an achievement, considering the tremendous number of music producers in today's marketplace and how the pandemic is still affecting our world.

How Tito Tahan has been affected by the Pandemic:

focuses on making beats privately in their home and offers beat licenses online. However, currently, the only option for most music producers is to collaborate virtually. This used to happen mostly in a recording studio or writing session and is now increasingly happening in a live remote session and through file-sharing platforms.

That being said, Tito has been working on new music for tv/films, creating music privately on his own terms, but he has also adapted to interacting virtually with other creatives. Being that Tito is also a caretaker for his elderly parents, he remains socially distancing to help avoid the spread of the effects of COVID-19 to his immediate family and close friends. In order to help the music producer community battle this pandemic, Tito is currently building a new quarantine recording studio in his hometown of Cleveland, OH with remote recording and producing capabilities to ensure the safety of all creative participants.

Tito Tahan on Music Producers during the Pandemic:

Music production is a creative collective and usually a collaboration between artists, songwriters, and music producers. This doesn't apply to all music producers as the typical bedroom producer

According to Tito Tahan, Founder, and CEO of ProducerLife Multimedia, “it is very hard to replace the in-studio experience with collaborators. The alignment of in-person sessions is essential to the creative collective process and provides an element of collaboration unlike any other.” Tito and his latest roster signee - Broadway Bandjo have been working on his new project while safely implementing these new remote online recording methods as well.

Tito sees the vision for how the future music producer will interact with the rest of the community successfully. He feels the future for music producers, is; live online recording and production sessions, along with remote collaboration between creatives. Now more than ever, we all understand it is important to be fully accessible online. From production to mixing, brand awareness, and e-commerce. He feels passionate about working with other music producers and artists in the future. According to Tito Tahan, “We are the creators, we need to be fully aware as a community about how we interact and push the music producer culture forward. Let's do it together. Let's do it safely. Let's do it for us. Let's do it for the world and all future music producers.”