Tips for Time Management


Do you often find yourself struggling to balance your work and home lives? Worst still, does managing your work itself become tedious very often? Read on for some effective time management skills to help you at work as well as home.

1. Time Table

Sounds like school? Well, if it works at school, then why not in adult life as well? So, go ahead and create a plan of all the work that you have, all the tasks that you need to get done, and the timelines against each. This activity will help you achieve smaller goals more easily and manage your time more efficiently.


2. Prioritize

Once you have a list of all the tasks that you need to get done, you can prioritize the work that needs to get done first, and then sequence the tasks that can be taken care of later. This way you would know how much time and effort to dedicate to each.

3. Separate Work and Home

This is a golden rule of managing time efficiently. Know when and where to draw the line. Ideally, the moment you enter the office, your focus should be on work. However, should there be a need to take personal calls, limit the time you spend on each. Similarly, once back home, try to focus on your family, rather than take up office work at home.


4. Get More Difficult Work Done First

Whilst it is always easier to take care of the simpler activities first and mark them off the list, the contrary works better. Getting the more challenging tasks done first will ensure that the major burden is off your head sooner. You will, then, be more relaxed and would be able to breeze through the rest of the to-do list.

5. Take Small Frequent Breaks

Give your mind a chill pill by taking a break once you have accomplished a rather daunting task. This will be like encouragement and should motivate you to work more efficiently. However, be careful not to let the breaks be too frequent or long, else mismanagement, rather than management, may be the result!

Time is precious. Each moment spent at work or at home should be a productive one. Why waste such a resource when it could be utilized for more meaningful things? The simple tips above should help you save and manage your time more efficiently.

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