TikTok Users Think They Know What Moisturizer Roman Roy Used on the Latest ‘Succession’

The final episodes of Succession have caused plenty of chatter on social media, but one moment in particular has people buzzing on TikTok.

Roman Roy (Kieran Culkin) gives himself a pep talk at the beginning of the series’ penultimate episode, just ahead of the eulogy he’s set to give for patriarch Logan Roy at his funeral. He says, “See Shivvy cry, see Kenny die, see Roman the showman light up the sky.” He also notices his skin is “a little dry,” so he decides to use some moisturizer.

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TikTok users appear to have coalesced around the notion that Roman used La Mer in the scene—and they gave many reasons why it would make sense for his character.

“I feel like Romulus would be using La Mer because of his affinity for a demographic of women who tend to use La Mer and he’s weird about smelling things and whatnot and it all kind of fits,” @charlotteparler said in a TikTok video. 


#greenscreenvideo im voting la mer despite the sound not matching 🫠 because I want it to be la mer #skincare #succession #roman #successionhbo

♬ original sound – Charlotte Palermino

One user suggested the details revealed about the jar support the La Mer conclusion.

“One thing I think that is very important is if you look at the lip on the top on the jar, it’s translucent which La Mer very much is,” said @kirbiejohnson who even did a side-by-side holding a jar of the product next to Culkin holding his mystery product. The TikToker user also points out that the jar appears to be the lighter Moisturizing Soft Cream, not the original Crème de la Mer Moisturizer.

Not everyone was convinced. Some claimed the creme was actually Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream, though more people appear to think La Mer is the true product in the scene.

La Mer itself has an interesting backstory: German-born aerospace physicist Max Huber experienced burns to his skin in a lab explosion in the 1950s, according to Elle. He spent over a decade developing skin treatments to treat the wounds with kelp near his California home. It worked so well he began selling the cream in 1965, and when he died in 1991, Estée Lauder purchased the brand from the scientist’s daughter and launched the luxury skin-care company. The brand has since become a standard bearer for high-end moisturizers, and we certainly can’t argue. This year, La Mer was named Best Anti-Aging Moisturizer in Robb Report‘s first annual Grooming Awards.

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