Tiffany Hsu not pressured to get married as soon as possible

29 Jan – Unlike most women in their late 30s, Tiffany Hsu stated that she is not at all worried that she may be pestered about questions of marriage during family gatherings on Lunar New Year.

As reported on Epoch Times, the Taiwanese actress who is currently dating cinematographer Liu You-nian, smiled when asked about it during her recent public appearance, saying, "Fortunately, I have a lot of brothers and sisters, and my family does not have this kind of thinking."

Asked if the reason she is not worried is because she and Liu are already married like it was previously rumoured, Tiffany said, "I think that marriage is always on the cards. I will share the good news with everybody at the right time."

The actress also revealed that her family would always play a role-playing game on the second day of their family reunion. As to whether Liu will join them this year, she said, "He did last year, and I think he will join again this year."

As for her goal for the New Year, Tiffany stated that she will be involved in her first ever stage play, "My Big Wife".

(Photo Source: Sina Ent)