Tiffany Hsu keeps mum on marriage rumours

26 Dec – Despite the ongoing rumours about a secret wedding between her and boyfriend Liu You-nian, Tiffany Hsu decided to keep mum about it when she appeared at the press conference of her new Netflix show - which only served to fuel the rumours further.

As reported on Epoch Times, speculations about a marriage between the actress and the cinematographer sparked on 15 December, when the actress was spotted wearing a new ring on her ring finger.

However, when asked to respond to the reports during her said appearance, Tiffany's agent neither denied nor confirmed it, saying that they will not respond to question about personal matters.

Instead, Tiffany was excited to talk about the new series, "The Victim's Game", saying that it would be her second project with Ruby Lin since "The Way We Were" in 2014.

When mentioned that it would be the second time that she plays a reporter after her previous film "Who Killed Cock Robin", Tiffany said that she has better understanding of the job now.

"Being a social reporter is really hard, and they have to face the pressure from their supervisors. In order to write good news, they must exclude all emotions. They must also face inner guilt, contradictions, and struggles," she said.

The show, which explores humanity issues through forensic science, will be launched in April next year.

(Photo Source: Epoch Times)