Thorn for choice: Wacky durian creations by Durian Edition served at Sentosa GrillFest

Sentosa’s GrillFest is back and this year’s one is the largest to date. Yes, you heard the title right. Insane durian pairings: Grilled durians with cheese and durian curry— how do people keep coming up with unconventional food inventions?! Durian Edition has come up with additions for durian lovers (or not) for an adventure you won’t forget.

The festivities at Sentosa GrillFest have started on 21 Oct 2022 and will be available till 13 Nov 2022, though note that the festival will only be open on weekends (Fri to Sun), from 5pm to 9pm.

Durian Edition - Chargrilled Durians

At Durian Edition’s stall, you can expect Fresh Durians which come in on a daily basis. The cost differs by the day, so you’ll have to check directly with the stall for its latest prices.

Aside from devouring seeds and seeds directly from its husk, have you ever seen whole durians roasted on charcoal? To experience this innovative cooking method, only an additional cost of S$10 is charged for a grilling fee.

The wide charcoal grill set by the beach reminds me of Bali, where we’d occasionally bump into street vendors selling grilled corn. But now, you’ll see durians grilled on large chunks of charcoal instead. Don’t judge a book by its cover! Its husk might be charred and rough on its edges, but inside its roasted husk lies the precious flesh. Its smoky aroma— perfection!

Durian Edition - Grilled Durian with Cheese

If you absolutely love the thorny fruit, the Grilled Durian with Cheese is something you cannot miss out on.

Just for S$5 more, the sweetness from the Musang King durian is enhanced by another level because of the charcoal. Made extra creamy with the addition of melted cheese on top, its savoury and salty flavours are extracted to create a sensorial experience.

Durian Edition - Durian Seafood Curry

Add Fermented Musang King Seafood Curry with Sourdough (S$18) to the list of wacky new creations and weird combinations. If you think of crazy creations, it is only normal for the pairing of fruits to be incorporated in desserts and definitely not curry. With Durian Edition, normal or conventional would not be the right word to describe their items.

Put yourself up for an adventure with this acquired dish. Before you dismiss this unusual pairing, give it a shot. The durian aroma mixes thoroughly with the seafood elements, so those who like cream soup might be a fan of this. Its durian taste is light on the side, so who knows, you might love it!

All in all, for durian lovers or haters, this might actually be a great experience for you. Unusual takes on foods might lead to an unexpected liking too!

To snag some of these spikey fruits after Sentosa GrillFest, visit their socials to order. Meanwhile, be sure to drop by Sentosa GrillFest while the event is still happening and have a spikey weekend!

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