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This portable power station provides much-needed power during spring storms — and it's $100 off

No power? No problem — this beast can keep you juiced up for hours.

'Tis the season for spring showers, and sometimes that means your power (and a/c!) goes out. If you don't have a backup plan for outages, we particularly love the Bluetti Portable Power Station. This little box will give you enough juice to amp up your phone, laptop and more, and you can recharge the station itself with an optional solar panel. Even long-term outages will feel like a mere hiccup with one of these at your side. With the on-page coupon, you can snag it for $200 (down from $300).

This power station packs in two AC outlets, two USB outlets, one USB-C outlet and a DC outlet. Phew!

Save $100 with coupon
$200 at Amazon

With the on-page coupon, Amazon slashed the price of this top-notch power station by an unbelievable $100. This means if the power goes out, you won't have to worry about missing important calls, or watching the battery slowly drain on your laptop. And you can even power a mini-fridge so your favorites don't spoil. (Because the power always seems to go out after food shopping.)

The Bluetti Power Station is equipped with a 600W inverter as well as a 268Wh battery pack. There are nine total outlets on the station, which is great for multiple reasons — but mainly because it can charge more than one device, and one type of device, at a time. The whole family can benefit if the power goes out.

And yet, despite all its functionality, it isn't overly bulky. The Bluetti weighs just over ten pounds but is only 10 x 7.1 x 7.2 inches, which is more than small enough to be tucked into the back of a vehicle or a closet until it's needed. It's ideal for use in emergencies, or just for a bit of extra power on camping trips; after all, who says you have to be totally disconnected from your phone to enjoy nature?

According to Bluetti, this power station can keep a mini fridge going for three hours, recharge a phone twenty times or keep you warm with an electric blanket for just under two hours. It also recharges to 80% in just half an hour for when you need power fast. And its power supply is uninterruptible, which makes it a great option for use with computers.

Backup power station
Next time your town's power grid lets you down, don't get blue, get Bluetti! (Amazon)

Whether you need backup power for outages in a storm or you like to camp fully charged, there are over 3,000 shoppers who get behind this.

"I'm so glad I ordered this when I did, as it provided much-needed power during Hurricane Ian outages," shared a rave reviewer. "It charged quickly using the mains power adapter when I first unboxed the unit (and already had approx. 60% charge) and provided plenty of power to keep phones charged when the power went out."

"I do have to say I'm quite impressed with this little beast," one user said. "I needed something for camping and to be able to use my CPAP if I use the DC cigarette lighter outlet plug. I can get through an entire night for eight hours using my CPAP and still have about 20% battery left while also charging an iPhone and an Apple Watch."

"This is probably the most versatile power bank you'll ever own. I even set it up to run the TV, DirecTV DVR, two lamps and the Wi-Fi router for over four hours. Comes in handy when you need 120vac to run a battery charger too far from house current, without breaking out the generator," raved another five-star fan.

This shopper raved, "The fast charge is AMAZING! It does get a little loud from the fan but who cares, all the other brand units take like 6+ hours to charge, this one is approximately one HOUR!! In a power outage situation that is game-changing. I can recharge in my car (car charger sold separately) and be up and running in no time."

Some users aren't wild about the app that goes with it. "The app is kinda required to get the full potential of the device," said one, "which it has its pros and cons. Some users might find it annoying."

"How you interact with it without the app can get kind of confusing if you are dumb like me," admitted this four-star reviewer. "The app allows you to change certain settings, and while it's nice, I wish there was more to configure within the app such as setting a charge limit, or maybe configuring how long you want the screen on the power station to remain on. That being said, the app is more of a nice to have."

Keep your tech running for hours, even if you're sitting in the dark.

Save $100 with coupon
$200 at Amazon

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