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This $39 electric spin scrubber has saved me hours of cleaning time — Amazon shoppers say you 'will not regret buying this'

This cleaning hack is great for back and joint pain.

Before and after comparison of dirty and clean grout lines using electric spin scrubber from amazon canada
This electric spin scrubber will save your back while cleaning tiles and grout. (Photo via Sidra Sheikh)

I pride myself on being a clean person, but leave it to TikTok — or should I say Clean Tok — to humble me. Watching videos of people sharing how they clean their homes, videos highlighting areas that are often overlooked when cleaning — and the cherry on top — videos of areas you think are clean but really aren't — can really shake your confidence.

Personally, that last one got me, especially after a family member critiqued the off-colour of my kitchen grout lines — lines that were at least three times darker than they should have been. As I mentioned, I pride myself on being clean, so part of me wanted to scrub down every line right then and there. However, I am in my self-care era, so I held off and ordered an electric spin scrubber instead. The scrubber, a cleaning hack I learned about on TikTok, saves me a ton of cleaning time and body aches to boot.

It's the number one best seller in bathroom cleaning brushes on Amazon Canada. 

  • Easy to use
  • Long battery life
  • Fast
  • Extendable
  • Efficient
  • Versatile
  • Too clunky for hard to reach areas
  • Hard to lock and unlock extension pole
  • Can't apply too much pressure
$39 at Amazon

The Electric Spin Scrubber is a cordless and extendable electric power cleaning brush with eight multi-functional brush heads. The various brushes can be used for tiles, floors, and walls both indoors and outdoors, and there is even an attachment that can be used in the car.

Electric Spin Scrubber box, Electric Spin Scrubber, 2023 New Cordless Shower Scrubber with 8 Replaceable Brush Heads and Adjustable Extension Handle, Power Cleaning Brush for Bathroom, Kitchen, Car, Tile, Wall, Floo
Here's what the electric spin scrubber looks like in the box. (Photo via Sidra Sheikh)

The brush has three speed levels and a detachable extension pole that can extend to about three and a half feet long. Whether used handheld or extended, the scrubber is lightweight, weighing only two pounds.

With a strong battery life, it can be used for two hours on a full charge. When you need a battery boost, it takes three to four hours to fully recharge.

The scrubber was charged right out of the box, which already won me over because I am very impatient. I was very glad I did not have to wait before getting started.

Putting it together and using it was also very easy; I didn't have to read any instructions and managed to figure it out pretty quickly. I did take a look at the brush head guidelines to figure out which one would be best for tiles, though. The only thing I struggled with was attaching the extension pole: it's quite tough to lock and unlock.

Electric Spin Scrubber assembled [Photo via Sidra Sheikh]
Here's what it looks like fully assembled. (Photo via Sidra Sheikh)

At first, I tried it on dry tiles. Unsurprisingly, it didn't do much. Later, I sprayed Dawn Powerwash on the grout line and let it sit for a minute — that's when things got fun. It was so satisfying to watch the brush scrub away all of the built-up dirt. The scrubber took seconds to achieve the same results it would have previously taken me several minutes to do.

Electric Spin Scrubber scrubbing kitchen grout. (via Sidra Sheikh)
Electric Spin Scrubber scrubbing kitchen grout. (via Sidra Sheikh)

My husband and two-year-old also had a go at it and were just as pleased, especially the two-year-old, which confirms that it is definitely lightweight.

The scrubber's base is quite clunky, which made it hard to get into some areas, like right under the dishwasher or in the corners of the kitchen where cabinets fall, which really annoyed me. I wish the base was thinner so I could get into those areas more readily.

I also noticed the scrubber would stop when I pushed down on it too hard. I ended up just increasing the power level, but it makes me wonder how it would perform in areas where I may need to apply more pressure.

The spin scrubber is Amazon's no.1 best seller in the Bathroom Cleaning Brushes category. It has a 3.9-star average rating and more than 1,600 reviews. Most buyers are quite satisfied with this affordable, powerful tool.

"You will not regret buying this!" writes one shopper. "It cuts the cleaning time in half."

Another user writes that the scrubber is great for "literally any spot in a house," is "simple to use," and the "battery lasts through whole jobs."

  • Electric Spin Scrubber

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While others agree that it is a versatile, easy-to-use tool, they, too, encountered issues.

One shopper cautioned that while it is a "good item to clean," the brush is "not for deep cleaning," and it "stops working" when you press down.

Another buyer recalls encountering a problem when removing the brush head, "I managed to remove it with assistance".

I am a fan of the Electric Spin Scrubber, especially for the speed with which it gets the job done. I especially love the extension pole, which allows me to scrub without having to get down or bend too much. Also, because of the speed and pressure levels, there really isn't much effort required; it does it all on its own.

However, while the scrubbing part didn't require much, there was pre and post-work required, which I wasn't a huge fan of, including soaking the areas that needed scrubbing and then mopping up the residue and dirt afterwards.

That being said, I would have to do that if I manually scrubbed, too. If anything, I was able to use my mop bucket to fill it with clean water after and use it to clean off the brush head by running it in the water for an easy clean.

Honestly, the price point and the extendable option really sold me on this. It's easy to use and lessens the need to bend down and scrub. I bought it primarily for my grout lines (my bathroom is next), but the possibilities are endless. I'm sure Clean Tok will remind me of other areas that need cleaning, too, so the scrubber is a keeper for sure.

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