The Oath Of Love review: Sean Xiao and Yang Zi's highly anticipated romance drama

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Sean Xiao and Yang Zi in The Oath Of Love. (Photo: Viu)
Sean Xiao and Yang Zi in The Oath Of Love. (Photo: Viu)

The highly anticipated Chinese romance drama The Oath Of Love is finally here, after multiple postponements due to Chinese media regulations and schedule issues.

While the filming finished back in November 2019, the drama has just dropped its first episode on Viu and WeTV on 15 March.

Here’s what you need to know about The Oath Of Love, which is based on a novel of the same title:

1. It stars top Chinese actors Sean Xiao and Yang Zi.

The drama stars actor-singer Sean Xiao, who gained recognition from his roles in boys’ love drama The Untamed (2019) and fantasy action-adventure series Douluo Continent (2021). Although he was embroiled in a controversy in February 2020 regarding the actions of his fans, he ultimately still proved his unwavering popularity and continues to shine on the small screen.

Acting along his side is Yang Zi, who is known as one of the Four Dan Actresses of the post-'90s generation — the four most bankable young actresses from Mainland China. She began her career as a child actor, and later shot to fame with notable performances in Ashes Of Love (2018) and Go Go Squid (2019).

Enhanced by the popularity of both actors, this unprecedented collaboration is one of the reasons why many fans are looking forward to The Oath Of Love.

Sean Xiao as Gu Wei in The Oath Of Love. (Screenshot: Viu)
Sean Xiao as Gu Wei in The Oath Of Love. (Screenshot: Viu)

2. Sean Xiao plays a gastroenterology surgeon Gu Wei.

In The Oath Of Love, Sean Xiao portrays a cool-looking and seemingly apathetic doctor Gu Wei. Although he has exceptional skills, he is overly concerned with failures and mistakes.

A medical accident happens one day, causing immense stress to his mental health. Gu Wei, who was motivated to cure stomach cancer, loses his fighting spirit and contemplates leaving gastroenterology.

3. Yang Zi plays an aspiring cellist Lin Zhixiao.

On the other hand, Yang Zi portrays a bubbly music undergraduate Lin Zhixiao, who specialises in playing the cello. She appears to hate her father Lin Jianguo for being too strict with her and dictating her life. But deep down, she cares for him and worries about his health. Likewise, Jianguo shows his love for his daughter in the most unorthodox ways that lead to multiple conflicts with Zhixiao.

In just the first episode of The Oath Of Love, Yang Zi already showcases her amazing acting skills in a scene where Zhixiao pours out her frustrations towards Jianguo, revealing the most relatable, heartfelt thoughts while choking on her tears. Despite the overflowing emotions in a stifled cry, which tend to deter one from speaking cohesively, Yang Zi makes sure to properly articulate each sentence, finding the right balance between letting her emotions run wild and keeping them in check.

Zhixiao (Yang Zi) reveals the most relatable, heartfelt thoughts while choking on her tears in The Oath Of Love. (Screenshot: Viu)
Zhixiao (Yang Zi) reveals the most relatable, heartfelt thoughts while choking on her tears in The Oath Of Love. (Screenshot: Viu)

4. Gu Wei and Lin Zhixiao form an unlikely couple.

Gu Wei first crosses paths with Zhixiao through a misunderstanding, and finds her unreasonable at first. They later bump into each other again at the hospital when Jianguo is diagnosed with stomach ulcer, which further widens their conflict.

Their meeting may be typical of a rom-com, but it is still interesting to see how they eventually open up to each other and support one another through difficult times. Based on the introductions and background stories of both characters in the first episode, they are likely to undergo substantial and inspiring character developments in the subsequent episodes.

At the end of the episode, there is also a short segment on “Lin’s and Gu’s Sweet Little Theatre” where their cute interactions and lovely chemistry are revealed in what looks like a behind-the-scenes. It is like getting a glimpse of the upcoming swoon-worthy scenes, which may propel many fans to ship this charming couple.

New episodes of The Oath Of Love are available on Viu and WeTV every day at 10pm (SGT).

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