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The most popular home fragrance brands in Singapore

Make your home smell good, always, with these brands known for home fragrances!

Humidifier with steam moisturizing air at home.
Humidifier with steam moisturizing air at home.

The human olfactory system is linked directly to the most primitive parts of our brain. That's one of the reasons why scents are some of the strongest triggers for memory recall and why malls and hotels often diffuse ambient fragrances into the air.

The top-of-mind recall I have of malls with scent is ION Orchard, which customised a blend of 20 individual fragrances from natural herbs, fruit and flowers, some of which include bergamot, white tea, mandarin, ginger, white tea, peony, mimosa and wild lavender to create the signature ION Scent. Or perhaps you might think about Muji, with the welcoming citrusy scent often encountered in their physical stores.

For a while now, I've been searching high and low for the perfect ambient fragrance I want in my home, and recently decided on Aesop Olous Aromatique Room Spray. Previously, I was crazy about Muji's 'Homing' and 'Sweet Orange' essential oils used with their signature diffuser.

It might take several trials and errors to decide on the perfect scent and medium of delivery (such as diffusers, candles, home sprays and more), as enjoyment is subjective. However, we've shortlisted several brands to help you begin your search!


Aesop is an Australian luxury brand with a wide range of skincare, haircare, soaps and fragrance. The brand is known for its polished aesthetic and brings a touch of luxury to any home.

Shop fragrances at Aesop

The Aromatherapy Co.

The Aromatherapy Company was established in 1990 and is now a leading supplier of Home Fragrance and Body Care products. From 100% pure and natural essential oils to a bespoke fragrance, this brand can be found in leading departmental stores.

Shop home fragrances at The Aromatherapy Co.

Bath & Body Works

America's favourite retail store chain sells soaps, lotions, fragrances, and candles. It once held the title of being the largest bath shop chain in the United States.

Shop home fragrances at Bath & Body Works


Renowned for their exceptional quality, and beautiful designs and for not using synthetic fragrances in their products, Diptyque candles are oh-so-chic and Parisian.

Shop home fragrances at Diptyque


100 per cent natural and free of synthetic chemicals, Hysses focuses on health and wellness using aromatherapy.

Shop home fragrances at Hysses

Jo Malone

Famous for its unique blends and scents, Jo Malone London is known mainly for mixing unexpected combinations of ingredients and excelling at it with one-of-a-kind fragrances.

Shop home fragrances at Jo Malone


They helped make diffusers cool again, with a very tame and comfortable collection of homely-scented fragrances.

Shop home fragrances on Muji

To Be Calm

Known for its candles in beautiful tin cans that can be reused for other purposes, To Be Calm has become the go-to brand of choice for home fragrancing in Singapore.

Shop home fragrances at To Be Calm


This isn't just one brand of fragrance, but several brands retail under the umbrella of Robinsons. The key thing is that Robinsons usually bring in brands that may not be as widely known in Singapore, but are high in quality and often a joy to have at home!

Shop home fragrances at Robinsons


What is a one-stop shop for makeup and skincare enthusiasts without fragrances, even if it's one for homes?

Shop Home Fragrances at Sephora

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