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students working at laptops in library
students working at laptops in library

As a global hub for innovation and tech ideally located in the Asia-Pacific, Singapore has one of the most competitive workforces in the world. Due to its solid infrastructure, strong economy, and conducive environment for both business and leisure, the city is a hotspot for talent across a variety of industries – a position that it is set to hold long into the future due to government initiatives and incentive schemes designed to promote the nation’s sustainable growth and well-being.

According to NodeFlair’s recent Tech Compensation report, the tech industry will see competition for talent heat up even more in 2022, with firms offering higher salaries and sign-on bonuses to entice workers from different sectors1. The impact of global talent shortages across manufacturing and logistics, as well as the venture capital funding boom and the ambitious plans of international tech giants such as Apple, Google, and ByteDance, are driving this trend, as demand for specialised skills in emerging technologies rise. As a result of this positive outlook, vast opportunities are being created for people to improve their earning potential.

Getting started on your upskilling journey

As a country with one of the highest life expectancies in the world with a declining birth rate and rapidly ageing population2, it has become imperative for Singaporeans to prepare themselves for what’s next. Although skill gaps were already widening between the older and younger generations before the pandemic, the acceleration of digital adoption rates in recent years has exerted even more pressure on employees at every level to stay relevant amid ever-evolving circumstances.

Although the idea of upskilling or reskilling can be daunting, the process is not as difficult as it seems – and the results are well worth the effort. Whether you are looking to add more value to your current role, polish your resume with more proficiencies before your next move, or simply enjoy acquiring more knowledge, Singaporeans have the option of joining many exciting programmes that support lifelong learning and development, virtually or in person, with the help of subsidies.

To start their upskilling journey, employees should first identify the key goals they hope to achieve in––and through––their careers. While this may sound intimidating, the goals do not have to be lofty ones for the long term, but rather, short-term action plans such as expanding their existing scope of work. This will illuminate the skill and knowledge gaps that need to be bridged and inform their next step forward. After considering other circumstances, including time and budget constraints, employees can then seek out the best move to proceed.

Making the smart move for a future-proof career

Smartcademy is no stranger to the challenges of the upskilling journey and is a great place to explore your potential or improve your career prospects – no matter how old you are. Its range of beginner-friendly, in-demand, and IBF-accredited courses in data analytics, digital marketing, UX design, and the like have helped over 3,000 alumni members to pursue their areas of interest in relevant fields, increase their earning potential, and progress professionally at work. The best part about Smartcademy’s courses is that zero prior knowledge or experience is necessary – all you have to do is show up, ready to learn! As the classes are fully online, you will also have the flexibility to complete your lessons anytime, anywhere at your convenience.

Smartcademy alumnus Ryan was a corporate accounting major in university who decided to pursue a new path in data analytics after a year of working as an auditor. Besides finding the ability to understand and make sense of data extremely meaningful, he was also driven to switch careers by growing industry prospects and the abundance of job opportunities in the field. Although he found his new role challenging at first without any prior experience or formal education, Ryan was able to find his footing and strengthen his technical knowledge at Smartcademy to perform his daily tasks as a Business Intelligence Analyst at Shopee.

“Smartcademy’s data analytics course has enabled me to progress at work and gain the recognition of my bosses. It has also helped me to bridge my skill gaps by equipping me with the fundamental concepts and syntaxes I need to write more complex SQL scripts. The course focuses on core data skills like SQL, Python, and Tableau, which are highly relevant to the skills that are required in most data analytics roles, such as the one I am in right now. Overall, I am glad that I took this opportunity to upskill through Smartcademy,” he affirms.

At Smartcademy, courses are taught by dedicated trainers who are also practicing industry experts that offer you invaluable insights through hands-on learning and one-on-one consultations to guide you in every step of your upskilling journey. Its tailored curriculum and materials are reviewed frequently, as it regularly gathers feedback from students to ensure that its courses remain engaging and effective for total beginners or otherwise.

Eligible Singaporeans/PRs can enjoy up to 90% in IBF funding support* and offset the remaining course fees via SkillsFuture Credits. In addition, Smartcademy offers Industry Placement Assistance to its alumni community as a valuable opportunity for them to gain work experience through Smartcademy's industry partners and test-drive a career in their relevant fields.

Find out how you can thrive in the workforce of the future and start your upskilling journey with Smartcademy today.

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