The 10 Best Moments Of Captain America: Civil War

To the surprise of nobody, ‘Captain America: Civil War’ is currently tearing up the worldwide box office on its way to becoming yet another big hit for Marvel Studios.

Also to the surprise of nobody, the film kicked some serious ass. So, we thought we’d run down our ten favourite moments from Cap’s latest blockbuster.


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Warning: MAJOR spoilers follow. The list is in chronological order though so the really big spoilers are toward the bottom.

Black Panther’s Intro

Chadwick Boseman’s Wakandan warrior added a great deal to 'Civil War’, offering a different perspective on the unfolding drama with a very serious character.

After the death of his father, T'Challa flatly tells Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) that he intends to kill Bucky Barnes, aka The Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) - who he believes committed the crime.

Before long he’s on his tail in full, badass costume, engaging in the first of multiple fights with the former Hydra assassin. As a pursuing helicopter opens fire on the pair, Black Panther turns to face the bullets which ricochet off his vibranium armour without him so much as flinching.

The Stairwell Fight

Just prior to Panther’s costumed introduction comes the film’s most underrated fight scene as Bucky and Cap (Chris Evans) fight German special forces down a stairwell.

The sequence shows off the kind of excellent close quarters action that made 2014’s 'The Winter Soldier’ stand out among Marvel’s films.

Winter Soldier Steals A Bike

One of the film’s most gif-able moments comes in the underpass chase sequence that follows T'Challa and Bucky’s first fight. After running on foot between moving vehicles, The Winter Soldier sees his chance to take an oncoming bike, swiping and mounting it in one fluid motion.

Vision Cooking

If Marvel intends to bring the comic book relationship between Vision (Paul Bettany) and Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) to the big screen, then it will have build it up slowly.

Of all the oddities in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) that would be one of the odder ones, but 'Civil War’ does a good job of planting the seeds.

In one scene, Vision has been tasked with keeping Wanda Maximoff at the Avengers facility, and hopes to ease her worries with a Sokovian dish despite having never eaten food. Whether the result was any good or not, it’s not something Scarlet Witch is going to forget.


Peter Parker’s Intro

When it becomes apparent that a fight is unavoidable, Tony Stark seeks the help of someone he’s been keeping an eye. So, in a break from the main plot, Alt-J’s Left Hand Free kicks in and we’re suddenly in Queens, New York, being introduced to the new Spider-Man, Tom Holland.

'Civil War’ might have been a tighter, slightly better film without Spider-Man in it (in truth he’s a little crowbarred in) but Holland is so good in the role, and it’s so great to see Spidey interacting with these characters that nobody is seriously going to complain.

His introduction with Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) works as an excellent change of pace, and a nice, light scene that works well at setting up this new Spidey ahead of his first solo film next year.

Bucky and Sam’s Bro Nod

The MCU does so well establishing characters that sometimes their smaller interactions are the best. In 'Civil War’ we get a great moment where Bucky and Sam (Anthony Mackie) put aside their differences - the latter hasn’t moved on from the former trying to kill him apparently - to support their friend Cap, who finally kissed Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp) after crushing on her since the last film.

It also worked in distracting audiences from the hint of creepiness about Cap kissing the niece of his former flame.

The Entire Airport Fight

Of course, it’s the airport fight that’s the true centrepiece of 'Civil War’. The two sides meet at Leipzig Airport and what follows is 15 minutes of delightful cinema as the two sides finally come to blows.

What follows is a succession of dream match-ups between Marvel icons, all held together with a deft, light-hearted touch and the sense that this fight means something. Nobody here wants to fight (except Black Panther) and nobody is looking to kill anyone else (except Black Panther).

It’s tough to pick an absolute favourite moment, but let’s go for Ant-Man (as Giant Man) taking on Team Iron Man as he distracts Stark’s troops from Cap and Bucky’s escape.

Iron Man Discovers The Truth

By the team we get to the airport fight, the stakes are high but not yet emotionally charged. That comes later, when Zemo’s ploy becomes apparent and he drives a wedge between the Avengers’ founding pair.

Tony discovers that it was The Winter Soldier (brainwashed by Hydra) who killed his parents and made it look like a car accident. The horror on Tony’s face sets up the climatic scene, as Iron Man seeks to kill Bucky and Cap defends his friend.

Zemo’s Motivation

As entry number ten on this list unfolds, Colonel Helmut Zemo (Daniel Brühl) explains his motivation to T'Challa, revealing his family was killed in Sokovia during the climatic events of 'Avengers: Age of Ultron’.

It’s a heartbreaking scene, as he talks about it taking two days to discover the bodies of his wife, children and father in the wreckage of The Avengers’ most costly battle.

A motivation cinema-goers can understand and empaphise with is often the mark of a great villain, and this makes Zemo one of Marvel’s best to date.

Iron Man v Cap v Winter Soldier

The final scrap is heartbreaking in a different sense, and pays off all the set-up of not just the Cap trilogy but eight-year history of the MCU. Iron Man grew up jealous, but in awe of Cap and later became his friend, but he’s been betrayed because Steve Rogers will always be there for Bucky Barnes.

“He’s my friend.” - “So was I.” Six words that perfectly convey the anguish of these characters locked in a bloody fight. Along the way we see Iron Man blow Winter Soldier’s arm off and the recreation of an iconic Marvel image.

Then, in the final act, Cap delivers the final blow strikes Iron Man’s ARC reactor, killing the suit’s power and ending the battle.

It’s the best fight scene in the MCU to date.

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