Thai vendors at Chatuchak Night Market Singapore 2023 will not be returning anymore

Chatuchak Night Market Singapore 2023 started off on a high note on 7 Feb 2023 as various Thai and local vendors came together for this exclusive event. However, we’ve just been informed that starting from next year, the Thai food vendors will no longer be participating in this event on our shores.

chatuchak - event
chatuchak - event

The organising committee had come to a consensus after realising the numerous challenges faced by them. They include licensing and work pass requirements, as well as the high expenses incurred from accommodation and logistics involved for both parties.

chatuchak - Grilled Coconut Chicken
Credit – Chatuchak Night Market Singapore

These problems have posed major trials and tribulations for numerous Thai food vendors who are a part of this event. This has prodded Chatuchak Night Market Singapore to scout for other solutions to allow Singaporeans to experience authentic Thai street food at the event.

What will happen next year then? Well, further updates will be revealed in due course so stay tuned.

chatuchak - fried clams
Credit – Chatuchak Night Market Singapore

Some of the vendors that will be having their last stint are popular stalls that offer crowd favourites such as the Pad Thai Sukhothai (BF15), Mango Sticky Rice (DF16), Grilled Coconut Chicken (FF5), Lotus Leaf Rice (FF7) and Kway Teow Rod Fai (FF6).

chatuchak - food
Credit – Chatuchak Night Market Singapore

Chatuchak Night Market Singapore has been popular in Singapore, attracting
thousands of supporters over the years. The event has not only brought authentic Thai food to Singapore, but has also helped to encourage cultural exchange and understanding between Singapore and Thailand.

For those who haven’t had the opportunity to visit Chatuchak Night Market, you have until 2 April 2023 to savour all the authentic Thai street food you can. Let’s hope a miracle will happen and they’ll be able to return in the future (fingers crossed).

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