Tesla packs higher-end Model S and X features into Model 3 refresh

Tesla (or at least Tesla Europe) is finally ready to talk about its long-awaited, mid-cycle Model 3 refresh.

The revamped vehicle will ship with several features that were previously exclusive to Tesla's pricier models. Among them: ambient lighting, ventilated seats, claimed range improvements, a streamlined dashboard, an upgraded front touchscreen, the addition of a rear touchscreen and new paint hues, including "ultra red." Plus, as The Autopian points out, the new Model 3's front bumper looks a bit less pouty.

A few of Tesla's changes might also put off some drivers, depending on their tastes for cost-cutting and hyper-minimalism.

Tesla's refreshed Model 3
Tesla's refreshed Model 3

Tesla's refreshed Model 3. Image Credits: Tesla

For example, Tesla is moving the Model 3's shifter to the touchscreen, and it's ditching the turn-signal stalks for steering-wheel buttons. This tracks with earlier "Project Highland" rumors and leaks, which TechCrunch previously covered.

The sportier Model 3 seems to be coming to Europe and the Middle East first; Tesla is already accepting orders for the vehicle via its European websites, with deliveries scheduled to begin in October. The automaker hasn't said when the vehicle will arrive in the U.S.