Tekka Centre in Little India undergoes renovation from 3 Jul 2023, all food & wet market stalls to close

Tekka Centre is an iconic building within the Little India vicinity. Known to function as a 3-in-1 shopping paradise, goers can fulfil multiple shopping needs in 1 destination. The first floor is divided into 2 sections – a hawker centre and a wet market, while the second floor comprises of countless of apparel and beauty shops. 

Unfortunately, Tekka Centre will be undergoing a long renovation from 3 Jul 2023 onwards. Renovation works for the cooked food & wet market area will last till 30 Sep 2023, and as for the apparel shops, they’re designated to last till 31 Aug 2023.

tekka centre - front

Popular must-get foods include dum briyani and North Indian cuisine from Pak Kashmiri Delights. The latter offers fresh naan with an array of seasonings and gravy to accompany the flatbread. One should also not miss out on unique food pairings such as the Sambal Prata from Prata Saga Sambal Berlada.

tekka centre - rojak

As a major fan of Tekka’s food hawker stalls, I feel reluctant to let go of the iconic stalls that I believe are representative of Tekka Centre, even if it is just for a 3-month renovation.

My personal (and my grandma’s) favourite is Temasek Indian Rojak. We love how the textures of simple ingredients are entirely transformed, thereby acting as sponges which perfectly soaks up all that (free-flow) spicy yet nutty gravy. I implore anyone who intends to try to pick the Coconut Fry, Potato Ball as well as the Small Prawn Fry

As expected, an uproar on the likely stall rental increments and inevitable rise in food and grocery sale tags as a result of the renovation works has commenced. The online community has also raised concerns over whether the need for refurbishment is even relevant in a hawker setting. Others displayed their shock by voicing out that this action clearly does not reap sustainable benefits. This will not the first time that Tekka Centre has been instructed to closed for renovation works. 

Nonetheless, the renovation is set to take place from 3 Jul 2023 to 30 Sep 2023 for the Level 1 stalls but only until 31 Aug 2023 for Level 2 stalls. We can only hope that stall owners remain optimistic and will be willing to rent the spaces after the renovation has been completed. Until then, I will be sure to get my fair share of Indian delights before the works begin! 

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