Tarun Tahiliani Showcases in Singapore

Tarun Tahiliani, a legend of Indian Fashion, is showcasing in Singapore on the 5th of September 2017. This exclusive fashion showcase is personally curated by Samia Khan, the founder of Mélange, Singapore’s premier fashion platform since 2011 that promotes leading and upcoming South Asian designers at exclusive fashion showcases. Infiniti Jewels, Singapore’s leading jeweller in colour diamonds, will also be showcasing their unique designs and rare one of a kind pieces.

Gursheel Dhillon: What made you decide to showcase with Melagne in Singapore?

Tarun Tahiliani: Singapore is part of our outreach to connect with the South Asian fashion lovers, all of whom may not be able to travel to our stores in India. A chance to showcase our India Modern sensibilities, to keep people connected to their roots and for me personally to understand the evolving tastes of the Global South Asian.

Gursheel Dhillon: What can fans in Singapore expect to see at your upcoming show by Melange Singapore?

Tarun Tahiliani: The ready-to-wear line is an extravagant visual tour-de-force. Traditional artistry mixes with nuanced, contemporary silhouettes. Artfully divided into categories, it showcases different forms of workmanship. The Renaissance Stripes collection is a vibrantly edgy range of gilets, draped dresses, tunics, and jumpsuits printed with trompe l'oeil stripes inspired by miniatures, etchings, carvings, and manuscript margins from this period.

The collection celebrates the concept of ‘separates’, which is perfectly suited for the modern Indian lifestyle and can be paired individually with one’s own separates, jeans, tights or skirts. Years of draping, contemporising and distilling the Indian aesthetic into separates; this ready-to-wear collection offers a smorgasbord of options and allows the ability to manoeuvre their identity. The ultimate definition of versatility, clothes can be tweaked and mixed and matched with different elements to create a new look every time. The garments embody the spirit of our rich cultural legacy, which has been updated for the global, peripatetic customer.

Tarun Tahiliani Showcases in Singapore
Tarun Tahiliani Showcases in Singapore

Gursheel Dhillon: Your videography is stunning! What inspires you to come up with one collection after another, keeping each collection so distinct to another?

Tarun Tahiliani: As a designer, you live to create – to arrange, to rearrange, to reinterpret and all the while, to provide new solutions to lives we live. Fashion is a mirror of our times, it keeps our glorious crafts alive and provides sensuous handmade solutions to modern life.

Gursheel Dhillon: What is the life of designer like? It is as glamorous as we think?

Tarun Tahiliani: It is glamourous if you love what you do – because it is what you love. It is hard work because behind every ninety minutes on the ramp, there is a six months of very hard work.

Gursheel Dhillon: What is your style mantra? The one thing we should keep in mind before stepping out to look our best?

Tarun Tahiliani: Always dress to reflect yourself. Individuality and style must honour oneself. Do not be an actor trying to look like someone else.

Fashion Indulgence with Tarun Tahiliani & Infiniti Jewels is on 5th September 2017, 10 a.m. - 7 p.m. at Grange Room, Four Seasons Hotel Singapore. For more details, please contact Samia on +65 91849474 or email

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