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Films, a source of entertainment that have been around since the early nineteenth century. The industry has undergone substantial changes since its inception and continues to change with quickening speed. And while the action that plays out on the movie screen may seem like just two or more people engaging in a conversation and expressing their emotions, the reality behind the scenes tells a much different story. It is not only the actors who work hard to bring such moments to life; the crew working behind the lens are equally responsible for doing so.

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The production team plays a huge role during filmmaking, as it takes care of everything from setting up a scene to getting an actor ready. And while many talented filmmakers today are making their work and talents known, one young filmmaker is slowly making his way to the top—and his name is Tarek Tohme. A 2013 graduate of USC's cinematic arts, he has made a sizable footprint in the industry over the past several years.


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Tohme followed this quote religiously and worked tirelessly to establish his name in the industry. Hollywood is, indeed, the biggest film industry in the world, due to which entering it and maintaining a reputation here is difficult. Tarek was aware of this and left no stone unturned to make his childhood dream and career goals a reality.

Born in Santa Monica, California, Tarek grew up in the Brentwood community of Los Angeles. He was born to an American mother and a Lebanese immigrant father who, at one time, was the manager of pop icon Michael Jackson. His father orchestrated the music legend's this was its comeback tour before Jackson's passing in 2009. Tohme's father and his work influenced him greatly, inspiring him to enter the industry himself. Following in his father's footsteps, the younger Tohme now manages the careers of two musical artists and entertainers—hall of fame rapper and reality star flavor flav and rising singer-songwriter Micayla De Ette.

As a young boy, Tohme fantasized about films and the entertainment industry and eventually made up his mind to build a career in this field. And although he had big dreams, he never let them hinder his academics.

Tohme attended Harvard-Westlake high school from 2006 to 2008. He graduated from the USC school of cinematic arts and USC marshall school of business in 2013 with degrees in film and television production and business administration. Before his graduation, Tohme was one of eight students selected to direct the labyrinth, a still-unreleased feature film anthology produced and financed by actor James franco. As noted on his company's website, Tohme was also the recipient of the university of southern California's prestigious, four-year, full-tuition trustee scholarship. Earning this scholarship was a huge deal for tohme as it fueled his passion and made him even more determined to step into the world of filmmaking.

Stepping Into The Professional World

Although he has had a passion for the arts since his days of childhood, Tohme got his actual break from the industry in 2016. After graduation, he served as a producer on several feature films, including Don Quixote: The Ingenious Gentleman of La Mancha; this was the first feature film ever produced at the USC school of cinematic arts. In addition to that, he also co-produced in dubious battle, starring Robert Duvall, ed harris, Bryan Cranston, and Selena Gomez.

Tohme's feature directorial debut, hold on, in 2016, was what finally put his name on the map. The movie starred himself, Luis Guzman, Maurice Benard, Flavor Flav, Beth Grant, and his best friend—and client—Micayla De Ette. The film was sold to joule entertainment and released to theaters in the united states on December 6, 2019.

As he settled into a career in the film industry, Tohme founded "stone canyon pictures," a production and management company. It specializes in feature films, commercials, industrial videos, podcasts, music videos, and artist representation; Tohme's second directorial effort, an untitled sports documentary, is currently in production under his production company in Los Angeles.

In addition to his expertise in film, Tarek has served as an executive producer and project manager on multiple musical recordings. Armed with a great passion for the creative process and a wealth of knowledge in music production, publishing, and artist development, Tarek expanded stone canyon pictures to include a talent management division in 2017. His company's primary goal is to fill a void in the film and music industries. And they aim to do so by championing projects which go against the grain.

In his work, Tohme has a specific mission: to give a voice to stories and artists that are often overlooked by contemporary Hollywood. And if his initial mark on the industry is any indication, he is well on his way towards doing so.

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