Tang Chi Wai clarifies situation with Samantha Ko and 'Ms Shen'

3 Jun – Hong Kong musician Tang Chi Wai has recently released another statement to the media following reports that he cheated on Samantha Ko with another woman.

As reported on Mingpao, Tang, who previously denied he was dating another woman behind Samantha's back and was supposedly harassed by the said woman, told media that he and Samantha had actually ended their relationship in January.

However, he praised Samantha for being a good person and a doting girlfriend.

As for the said woman, whom he identified as Ms. Shen, Tang said that the other party has been making a series of intimidating claims and fabricating documents for the sake of creating fake news about the two of them.

The songwriter also stated that he had actually reported her to the police back in February, but that Ms Shen's behaviour had since become worse.

Tang claimed that she had altered photos, created fake images and text conversations between them and posted it on different social groups. He added that she made hundreds of calls a day to harass him, his family, and his colleagues.

"This Ms Shen is totally responsible for all the intimidation, harassment, and extortion that had befallen me. I will leave it to the police and my legal representative to handle the issue and the right to take legal action," he added.

In a previous interview, Ms. Shen claimed that she and Tang had dated for more than ten months prior to their supposed breakup, and that the musician had lied to her about the nature of his relationship with Samantha.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)