7 recent Taiwanese movies you can stream on Disney+

Kai Ko as Ah Lun and Gingle Wang as Pinky in Till We Meet Again. (Photo: Golden Village Pictures)
Kai Ko as Ah Lun and Gingle Wang as Pinky in Till We Meet Again. (Photo: Golden Village Pictures)

When Disney+ first started, it is known as the streaming platform to go to if you want to catch Disney’s, Marvel’s or Pixar’s productions.

Fast forward to today, Disney+ now lists a pretty impressive array of dramas and films, featuring more Asian content including K-dramas like Soundtrack #1 and Grid, and upcoming Japanese dramas like the new Kindaichi series and Kazunari Ninomiya’s My Family.

With so many streaming platforms to choose from nowadays, it can be difficult to stand out. Solely relying on their copyrighted materials, especially the marketability of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, will likely not sustain Disney+ in the long run.

However, Disney+ keeps up with the competition by expanding not just the quantity, but also the quality of the shows they list on their platform.

We’ve found several interesting Taiwanese movies released between 2019 and 2021 that are now on Disney+. Some of these were even nominated for or even won the Golden Horse Awards.

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1. Till We Meet Again (2021)

Alan (Kai Ko) is struck dead by lightning. He enters the Underworld and has no memory of his previous life. He has a choice to make: to reincarnate or to become a god, sharing workloads on the Earth. After training, Alan takes on the job of a god of love. He teams up with Pink Lady (Gingle Wang) and binds countless men and women together with red strings to pass on the love pollen while trying to find out what happened to him with the strong deja vu he has.

Directed by Giddens Ko, Till We Meet Again had a whopping 10 nominations in the 2021 Golden Horse Awards, and won Best Visual Effects, Best Makeup and Costume Design, and Best Sound Effects. Check out our review here.

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2. The Silent Forest (2020)

Based on a true story, the life of a hearing-impaired high school student (Liu Tzu-chuan) changes drastically when he switches to a special needs school and discovers that abusive behaviour is considered a delicate matter not to be discussed.

The Silent Forest was nominated for eight Golden Horse Awards in 2020, and won Best New Performer (Buffy Chen) and Best Sound Effects. Check out our review here.

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3. Precious Is The Night (2020)

A writer stumbles upon an idea for a novel based on the murder of a beautiful starlet. A handsome doctor (Chuando Tan) is having an affair with the starlet he attends to. Tired of living as a mistress to a tycoon, she wants to leave him but her maids have nefarious intentions of their own.

A Taiwanese-Singapore mystery thriller, Precious Is The Night was nominated for Best Cinematography and Best Makeup and Costume Design in the 2020 Golden Horse Awards.

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4. Do You Love Me As I Love You (2020)

Tien Xiao-xiang (Chen Yu) is a fan of author Si Yi and Tarot cards but deep down, she has another love: childhood sweetheart Li Zhu-hao (Tsao Yu-ning). Just when she sees the perfect opportunity to reveal her love to him through fortune-telling, Li Zhu-hao confesses his feelings for her best friend Song Yi-jing (Patricia Lin).

Check out our review of Do You Love Me As I Love You, adapted from a Taiwanese best-selling novel of the same title.

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5. I WeirDo (2020)

Po-ching (Austin Lin) is an OCD patient and his quirkiness makes people regard him as a “weirdo”. One day, as fate brings them together, he meets another patient, Chen Ching (Nikki Hsieh).

The first Asian feature to be filmed entirely on an iPhone, I WeirDo had six nominations in the 2020 Golden Horse Awards, including Best New Director (Liao Ming-yi), Best Leading Actor (Austin Lin), Best Leading Actress (Nikki Hsieh), Best Cinematography, Best Visual Effects, and Best Art Direction. Check out our review here.

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6. A Fool In Love, Love Like A Fool (2019)

Born into a wealthy family, Xiao-wei (Tsai Chia-hung) lives a carefree life with his loving mother's care. He enjoys reading picture books written by his favourite author Kauff, especially those works about mermaids. One day, he accidentally takes the wrong bus, arrives at the seacoast and meets a beautiful mermaid, Blue (Kuo Shu-yau). He believes Blue is the embodiment of the character in those picture books. Since then, Xiao-wei's “normal life” has become not “normal”.

Check out our review of the heartwarming film A Fool In Love, Love Like A Fool.

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7. We Are Champions (2019)

Born into the bottom rungs of society, two teenage brothers (Fandy Fan and Berant Zhu) with nothing but each other, hope to change their fate through their love for basketball.

We Are Champions had six nominations in the 2019 Golden Horse Awards, and won Best New Performer (Fandy Fan).

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