Taiwanese "Itaewon Class" remake to begin filming soon

13 Nov – The Taiwanese remake of hit Korean drama, "Itaewon Class" is set to begin filming soon.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the upcoming drama, which will be retitled, "Fired Up!", will star Eric Chou in the lead, played by Park Seo-joon in the original.

Speaking about his role in the drama, Eric stated that he recently learned cooking skills in order to meet the challenge of the role, and even sported a new shaved hairdo for the first time.

"I am excited for this role. I am looking forward to immersing myself in this drama," he said.

Aside from Eric, the other cast members include Angela Yuen, Shao Yu-wei, Huang Guan-zhi, Cosmos Lin, Ben Wu and Sean Lin. It will be co-directed by Gao Pin-chuan and Tseng Ying-ting.

The original series stars Park as a former convict who sets up his own business after his release from prison, in an attempt to defeat another food company whose heir caused his father's death.

Filming will begin in December.

'Fired Up!' will begin filming in December
'Fired Up!' will begin filming in December

(Photo Source: Eric Chou IG)