Mga kababayan, it’s FrancisM’s 3rd death anniversary

(UPDATE) Three years to the day since actor-rapper-musician Francis Magalona lost his battle against leukemia, many continue to mourn his untimely death at age 44.

On the Facebook page, FrancisM Forever, which has 12,482 likes, reader Yolie Vilan wrote, “Walang kaparis minahal ng masang pilipino..idolo ka ng OFW.....”

Other tributes were sprinkled across pages, perhaps set up by fans. In Francis “Kiko” Magalona, Alexander Gorospe wrote, “Thank you Francis M for being an inspiration to all of us. You are the national hero of Filipino music. We will surely miss you. :'(
Rest in Peace Master Rapper.. We love you!!”

The FrancisM Clothing Co. page also announced the release of what it called the “Death Anniversary Shirt,” selling for P750 and available in all of the chain of T-shirt stores bearing the rap idol’s name. The posting was shared 100 times and liked by 495 people.

Wanted to go into politics

Indeed, widow Pia tells Yahoo! Philippines OMG! in a phone interview that her late husband wanted to seek public office and serve the people the way his grandfather, former senator Enrique B. Magalona  did.

But Pia kept him from entering politics, saying that Francis’ personality was not cut out for it.

“He’s the type who’d say 'Pare' all the time,” Pia, referring to Francis’ very accommodating ways, recalls.

But, Pia recalls how, at one point, Francis was so disgusted with the system, he actually wanted to leave and settle down permanently in the U.S.  But that, Pia told him again, was not the answer.

Anthems and collaborations

Music was the way he chose to serve the people.

Francis wrote some of the most nationalistic pop-rap anthems  with “Mga Kababayan” and “Three Stars and a Sun,” among others, and demonstrated his facility for the catchy sing-along in “Kaleidoscope World,” which spoke of brotherly love.

Francis also collaborated extensively with Yahoo! Philippines OMG! Y! Rocks music blogger Ely Buendia in music and video projects. They did a duet of “Superproxy 2k6.”  The original “Superproxy” was composed by Ely’s old band, The Eraserheads and Francis M. They later collaborated on the album “In Love and War,” which was released in 2010 after Francis died. 

Widow Pia herself has taken on her late husband’s advocacies, including people’s rights and youth empowerment. She has been asked to discuss women’s rights in Sen. Richard Gordon’s talk show “Duelo: Barilan ng Opinyon” on TV5.