How Hayden proposed to Vicki

Hayden Kho and Vicki Belo (Jerome Ascano, NPPA Images)
Hayden Kho and Vicki Belo (Jerome Ascano, NPPA Images)

The proposal was as unique as can be, and the would-be bride, surprised at what she saw, took some time to say “Yes!”

Hayden Kho’s proposal to Vicki Belo, as shown in Sunday night’s episode of “Rated K,” took place in Downtown Aquarium in Texas last December.

Hayden asked two divers in the large aquarium  to hold cards that said, “Hayden loves Vicki.”

“May nagdive sa aquarium na malaki. Sabi naman nito (Hayden), silipin natin kung sino yung nag-dive. Tapos, tumingin ako, ang sabi ‘Welcome to Downtown Aquarium.’ Ang cute. Tapos, next tile, ‘Hayden loves Vicki,’” Vicki recalls.

The relationship of Vicki and Hayden has been controversial and was thrown with lots of issues including their age gap, the opposition of Vicki’s children, as well as the scandal that Hayden went through. But, despite all these, the couple managed to keep their relationship.

“Kase gusto namin to enjoy it privately kase alam namin na ganito nga ang mangyayari pag sinabi naming, ang daming batikos. Daming nagsasabi na hindi magwu-work,’ Vicki added in the ‘Rated K’ interview.

'Napakabait niya'
“Kilala ko naman si Hayden bago nagshowbiz, napakabait niya,” Vicki said.
When asked how people reacted to their engagement, “May balance naman, may mga taong natutuwa. Mas marami naming masaya,’ Hayden said. In the said interview, friends of the couple shared how Vicki and Hayden love each other.
Hayden and Vicki were with friends during that unforgettable event in Texas last December.
Hayden also knelt down while proposing, holding the engagement ring. “ Sa left side ko, wala na sya doon. Pagtingign ko, andoon na sya sa floor. I remember (he) said ‘Will you please be my wife?’ And then he gave the ring and then he was really waiting, tapos nag-hawak naman nung girl sa aquarium ‘Please say yes.’ Ako naman, yes! Yes! Yes!,” Vicki shared.
The couple has not yet announced the exact date of their wedding, but shared that they already have a tentative month on mind. “Month pa lang, ayaw pa naming sabihin,” Vicki said. Hayden also said that Vicki wants to choose her own wedding dress. “Feeling ko, if ever, baka si Monique (Lhuillier),” Vicki shared.

No plans
Vicki said that she originally didn’t plan to get married again. “Actually, wala naman na talaga akong plano na mag-asawa ulit. Pero talagang we really want the blessing of God. Para our relationship is blessed. God bahala ka na lang ha, just take care of us,” Vicki said. Vicki had a previous marriage with businessman and NU 107 founder Atom Henares, where they had two children, Quark and Cristalle.
Vicki admits that her children are adamant of the engagement, to which she understands. “Alam ko naman that they really love me and because of the history they’re just worried about me,” Vicki said. Quark said in his Twitter account before that what matters is that he loves his mother and also warned Hayden if ever he hurts her again.
The press have tried to ask for Cristalle’s reaction to the engagement, but refused to give comments. “I told Cristalle, ‘Darling I’m so sorry that my happiness is causing you so much unhappiness. I’m really sad,” Vicki shared.
Hayden, of course, tried to set things straight and asked blessings from Vicki’s family, including her mother who was not sure of his real intentions before. “I asked her (Vicki’s mother) to ask me several questions. Pero alam mo, at the end of the day, I’m marrying Vicki, not marrying them,” Hayden said.

To prove that Hayden is not after Vicki’s money, he asked for a pre-nuptial agreement to separate their own properties. Vicki’s former husband, Atom Henares, is the one working on the documents. “Inaasukasahan pa ako that time na I’m after the money. Ang sabi ko lang lagi kay Vicks is, ‘Alam mo Vicks, ang sa’yo, sa’yo, ang akin, sa atin. And she was so happy,” Hayden said.
With all the obstacles that the couple had gone through before, Vicki said that Hayden has improved and changed a lot.  “Sabi ko nga sa kanya, if I have to go through all that para lang maging ganito ka na, medyo worth it na rin, di ba? Kase nga sobrang naging mature, sobrang nagchange,” Vicki said.

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