Gardo Versoza isn’t sure how many kids he has

Gardo Versoza has given up his carefree days and has been in a relationship for almost nine years now.

Actor Gardo Versoza is having trouble recalling how many children he has to date. That’s because he has not probably met some of them since the day they were born.

"Hindi ko na alam ‘yung eksaktong bilang e,” he told Yahoo Philippines at the recent pocket interview of GMA afternoon series “Dading.”

The actor estimated that his children should be less than ten when Yahoo Philippines further probed him on the exact number.

"‘Yung iba kilala ko. Pero like ‘yung iba, karamihan sa kanila actually nag-abroad na,” he explained. "Kunwari hindi na umabot sa time na nasabi nila (the respective moms) na preggy [sila]. ‘Yung iba doon (abroad) na inabot. ‘Yun, hindi ko na kilala ‘yun."

The  45-year-old actor knows that his eldest, a boy, would be 24 years old by now. He is living with his mother in the United States. His youngest, 11-month-old  Deity Uziel, is with him. “Baby Machete” is his son by Ivy Vicencio, Gardo’s partner of 8 years.

Those were the days

Best known for the second installment of “Machete," Gardo conceded that he used to be a womanizer—a bit similar to his iconic wooden hunk character back in the ‘90s. Developed by the late comics artist Pablo S. Gomez, the wooden Indian (Native American) statue comes to life at night to give pleasure to the woman who has him in her possession.

Gardo maintained that his Machete-like ways are over.   Proof is his relationship with his current partner, his longest to date.

"Present and hopefully the last. Next year magna-nine years na kami,” he described the mother of  his youngest son (she  also acts as his talent manager).


Machete II starring Gardo Versoza and Rosanna Roces (Poster courtesy of Video 48)
Machete II starring Gardo Versoza and Rosanna Roces (Poster courtesy of Video 48)

Machete body

The  former-ST (sex trip) actor has maintained the physique he was known for in the ‘90s, when he was doing bold films.

“Whether you like it or not, kailangan mo rin talagang alagaan e. Kasi kapag pinapanood ka nila, kumbaga ‘yun din ang ineexpect nila,” he explained. "Kung ‘di ka man mag-disrobe more or less makikita rin nila kung nag-gain ka.”

He said the chiseled “Machete” body is a product of constant workout, maybe not as intense as the ones he did during his younger years, but more focused on cardio-vascular activities like swimming and biking.  Gardo adds that watching his diet helps, too.

The former sexy actor said he won’t completely graduate from flaunting his body as long as the role requires it.

"Di ko rin masasabi na graduate na ako ron kasi may mga certain scenes, or roles or stories na kailangan mo pa rin so dapat in a way or two dapat prepared ka pa rin."