Dual action pot that cooks two kinds of ramen simultaneously tops Google searches

A special pot in South Korea designed to cook two different ramen at the same time captured Googlers’ attention this week, putting the term 반반라면 -- loosely translated as “half and half ramen” --  in the top spot.

According to Google Insights, as of 11 am GMT on March 28, 반반라면 emerged as the most popular rising search term over the last seven days, experiencing a 1,150 percent growth in the subcategory of Cooking & Recipes from the Food & Drink category.

The image of the special pot, with a divide in the middle allowing diners to cook two different types of instant noodles at the same time, went viral in South Korea, with mentions on major news websites including and

A new, innovative chocolate Easter product launched in Brazil from Nestlé also experienced a 400 percent growth to become the second fastest-rising search term in the same category.

Suflair de Colher is a hard chocolate egg shell that envelops an airy chocolate mousse inside which must be eaten with a spoon, a utensil that comes with the product.

Here are some of the fastest-rising search terms in the Cooking & Recipes subcategory of Food & Drinks that were top of mind for Googlers this week, according to Google Insights as of 11 am GMT on March 28:

1. 반반라면  (half and half ramen) +1,150 percent
2. suflair de colher   +400
3.  bolo gelado  (ice cream cake, Brazil) +170
4.  torrijas (Spanish French toast)  +80
5.  master chef +60
6.  ginseng   +50
7.  iwak peyek (female, Indonesian pop act)  +50
8.  omaha steaks    +50
9.   +50
10. dha   (docosahexaenoic acid)   +40