Ex-EHead Marcus Adoro’s new book and music project

Former Eraserheads guitarist Marcus Adoro is plotting another comeback. This time around, his music takes a backseat in favor of his first book entitled "Greems."

After the E-Heads broke up, Adoro might as well have gone "underground" compared to the more illustrious careers of Raimund Marasigan with Sandwich, Ely Buendia with Pupil and Buddy Zabala with the Dawn. He would turn up now and then in concert performing with his Marcus Highway combo even as he gained more media mileage as a skilled surfer dude catching perfect waves in La Union.

The impending release of "Greems," a book-plus-music project, may not significantly change Adoro's current low profile. Just the same, a two-part offering from an ex-Eraserhead is nothing to sneeze at.

Book first, music as background noise

Adoro says the book comes first and the music is just background noise.

He explains, "It ("Greems") is a proper book, a collection of 100 pieces of 'greems,' printed on paper. There will be no accompanying CDs or the like. Instead, there will be 100 musical pieces on soundcloud.com available for free download."

"Greems" will come out as a book with illustrations. "The title was a typo error during an online chat with an artist friend based in New York," Adoro tells OMG Y! Rocks. "Months before, someone asked to illustrate a dream I relayed online.

"I told my friend I made a typo 'greams' and he said it sounded cool. I consulted with three other artists and they also agreed it was cool so 'Greems' it is for the time being. I might however change the title into something altogether different."

100 'songs,' 57 seconds each

Each of the 100 music tracks on Soundcloud is a one-riff, one-chord progression clocking on average at 57 seconds.

Adoro explains, "I am not sure if one can call them 'songs' but they are complete in themselves. Most of 'Greems' were written the night before and set to music the following day. I started it with nothing in mind in particular and it took me 21 days to finish the whole thing.

"Let it be on record that I haven't in the past written or sung any English songs, except for one which I changed to Tagalog. So, picture me going nuts 99 times. I feel the whole exercise was something otherworldly—like being a medium of some sort. It's like going into a portal which opens up when one is in a trance."

Adoro's 'parallel dimension'

Right now, the editors are poring over the manuscript and the illustrators are hard at work. He is self-publishing it and plans to promote it on a website he will also launch.

Adoro hasn't set a date for the book's formal release, saying only that he is "seeking advice for proper publication."

He has intimated though that most of the things he's planning right now may already be happening in another parallel dimension.

So, is Adoro serious? Punking us? But the Soundcloud musical oeuvres exist, and we have been forwarded pages and pages of his "greems." (See below for samples.)

One thing is certain: expect the unexpected from the author and musician behind "Greems."

A taste of 'Greems'

Here are excerpts from Marcus Adoro's book-in-the-making, provided to OMG! Y! Rocks.

2. 5:30 a.m.

It's 5:30 a.m.

In New York City.

It's 5:30 a.m.

In New Jersey, too

It's 5:30 a.m.

95. Mozerella Mind

Now about You

You with the big head and a funny hat

Why are you smiling?

Y o u !

With a big head with a

Little puny mind. Puny puny puny

Puny little mind!

Why don't you go get yourself a pizza

Feed your brain some mozerella

Can't you see this is a World Record!

World Record! Sure.

Anyone can beat me anytime but The Idea is Mine

Check the documents It's online and it's free

It's online and it's free. It's food for your mind

Grow grow grow! Some mozerella mind

I love you still

Puny Mind!

62. Steven and the Record Executives

and The Grand Design

To Steve and the record executives:

It's not commercially viable

It won't sell, I know.

That's why they're Free! You can have It

They are Designed to be

Rejected Ejected Dejected Refused

But if you insist

You can Digest it Reuse it Rewrite it

Criticize it Retype it for me Stone yourself with it.

I'm doing it

I'm Immersing I'm Wading on it

Wadin' on it

I am


81. The Disease (About The Girl)

This is going to be Tricky and Sticky

But I'm laying down the cards for you to see

Here it is, your disease: It's About The Girl!

Nothing else, not the fog we inhale, not about the

Ideologies you sell, not about the full moon, nor

the Mayan calendar It's not Written in the Art

of War.

It Is About The Girl! You are pussy-whipped!

Pussy-whipped! The mind is a terrible thing to

tease but there it is!

So don't waste your friends, they're one true

Currency In my world at least Well, your disease

It's a good kind of disease Believe me my

brother. So stop being a brat You wouldn't want

that to end down at the footnotes

Godspeed! I'll see you in ten years

It's up to you Break down the fences

Your sign reading looks great.

87. Together You and I

Hey Mister Gangster is it true that you don't quit?

Is it true that you don't quit you just lie low?

Is it really true? I'm asking you,

I need your opinion It's the doctor's prescription

To lie low and not attract heat

To lie low and not arouse envy

To keep still and just be

To be a tree at the College Fair

I could have muted you long time ago

But I could not have gone this far

If it were so

So let it be and let's lie low

So let it be and let's lie low

Hey Mister Gangster Let's lie low

Together you and I

Lie low.

94. T.S.N.Y.

I'll see you in New York some time

When the confetti come raining down

I'll see you in New York some time

When the fireworks light up the sky

I'll see you in New York

Just after the countdown

When the fireworks light up the sky

And when the confetti come raining down

I'll see you in New York some time

Just after the countdown

I'll be drinking wine on the streets of New York

Some time, I'll see you in New York

Maybe just one time

I'll see you in New York.