Showbiz columnist takes spotlight over ‘disgraceful’ interview with Hathaway

Who would think someone like Ricky Lo would get into this predicament?

In what appeared to be his routine interview in just another Hollywood trip, Lo never saw it coming.

Lo is now picking up the pieces in what appears to be a controversial situation he is most familiar with, being the entertainment industry veteran who almost always beat colleagues to the draw in gathering the juiciest scoops in the biz.

Any difference between local and Hollywood interviews?

But as the dust cleared, Lo might have learned what he should have known for a long time.

That is, to draw the line between interviewing local celebrities and A-list Hollywood actors.

His controversial interview with “Les Miserables” lead actress Anne Hathaway drew mixed reactions from netizens and fellow entertainment personalities after the Hollywood star refused to answer his questions, and other queries with a mere one- to two-word response, seething with obvious sarcasm and irritation.

While she appeared accommodating at the start of the interview, Hathaway suddenly answered a cold “No” to Lo’s question if she got pointers from her mother Kate, who played in the original “Les Miserables” cast. She then said it was “personal” when her interviewer asked about gaining and losing weight and playing a life of a poor woman when she had lived a life of luxury and privilege.

‘Bitchy,’ says Ruffa

While she said she “adored” Lea Salonga when Lo showed her a text message bearing the acclaimed Filipina singer-actress’ expression of eagerness to watch the movie, Hathaway told Lo, “We’ve already talked about that,” when he further asked what message she wanted to give Salonga.

Seen as a “disgraceful interview” by most netizens, the face-to-face sit-down chat with Hathaway puts Lo into the spotlight, with critics saying he dished out questions more appropriate for local celebrities.

However, Ruffa Gutierrez, a close friend of Lo, slammed Hathaway in a tweet for “switching to bitchiness.”

Was Hathaway really being “bitchy”? Or did Lo do “wrong” by dishing out questions he normally asks local celebs?

Post your opinions on the comment box below. But nicely, please.

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