Bossing, please tell Pauleen not to worry

It’s obvious Vic Sotto doesn’t get it.

And to top it all off, he even admitted he has not read it. But he responded anyway, dismissing it as just one of those conventional showbiz brickbats.

Lourde de Veyra’s “open letter” was the only critique about Vic’s Metro Maniila Film Fesival (MMFF) 2013 film My Little Bossings, and his entire filmography that really nailed it. It was really less about what the film missed out, as those were already the subject of most reviews. It was more of what De Veyra felt Vic can do more with the immense power or influence he exudes in the industry, the clout he enjoys, and the “bossing” that he is in churning out box-office winners.

Constructive comment

Actually, the context was constructive, even helpful for Vic in charting his career further.

Yet, the tragedy of it all is that Vic is seemingly out of it, and wants none of it—to the point of trivializing it. Why should he think of it as an “attack”, most surprising of which was that it so “offended” his current flame, Pauleen Luna, that he had to “speak out”?

In his interview with Philippine Entertainment Portal, Vic said that though he wished he could have read De Veyra’s letter, he said it would have been best if he told it to him personally.

And he continued in his PEP interview that he is “open to all criticisms, lalo na kung constructive” and respects them, just like the “millions who watched his films.” He said this is part of being in a “democracy.” Well, yes, he really misses the point.

Bossing, I think you should read the letter yourself. It’s available on the ubiquitous Web, the Internet. You can even go through it on your computer while you’re working, or your smartphone in your car, or the tablet when you’re in bed. Here’s the link to save you the effort of searching it:

An Open Letter to Vic Sotto

Go through each word, sentence, statement, paragraph, and discover the context of the piece and the message it wants to convey. Appreciate the intention of the writer, and be open to his ideas. This, believe it or not, can really help you even if you still are enjoying the comfort of amassing hundreds of millions from this current production, and billions from all your flicks in the past decade.

Not a personal attack

Above all, it is NOT a personal attack as you may think it is. You might even smirk a bit or grin at the way De Veyra seeks to call your attention. He even recognizes you and appreciates the efforts that gave you the stature you have today. De Veyra identifies himself as a follower of your films and hilariously connects them, including those with your buddies Tito Sotto and Joey de Leon, to academic discourse.

And the clincher, Bossing, is that De Veyra actually paid to watch “My Little Bossings,” unlike most reviewers who get complimentary passes. Because of this, Lourde is one of those millions you are talking about. This being so, De Veyra has the “right” to give his “two-cents” for you to consider.

Once you’ve read it, you would even get the assurance that yes, someone, not just the minion waiting for his payday, does care about what you do.

And, finally, please tell Pauleen not to worry.