‘Playful Kiss’ to air on local TV

Fans of the classic Taiwanese drama "It Started with a Kiss" that inspired a lot of followers when it aired in the Philippines back in 2006 will be thrilled to know that the Korean version of the drama "Playful Kiss" is set to premiere on local television by the end of May.

The plot of "Playful Kiss" is inspired by the original Japanese manga "Itazura na Kiss" which was also the basis of "It Started with a Kiss".

"Playful Kiss" reveals the unlikely love story of Oh Ha Ni, a below average high school girl, who desperately pursues the love of her life—the unattainable A-student Baek Seung Jo who, much to her dismay, publicly embarasses her and consistently treats her with disdain.

Oh Ha Ni and Baek Seung Jo's love story literally starts with a "playful kiss". Viewers who enjoy escaping to a world of youthful innocence and the "kilig" of young love will like this light drama. Those who get awfully irritated by seemingly lovesick girls chasing after snotty boys must stay away lest they throw things at their own television sets after witnessing the many martyr scenes of Oh Ha Ni as she struggles to make Baek Seung Jo fall for her.

"Playful Kiss" stars Hallyu superstar Kim Hyun Joong of the "Boys Over Flowers" fame and the cute actress Jung So Min. Yahoo! OMG previously reported that "Playful Kiss", also known as "Naugthy Kiss" or "Mischievous Kiss", did not achieve high ratings during its Korea run last year. However, what the drama lacked in local viewership, it surpassed in internet success. "Playful Kiss" redeemed itself online by registering as the top viewed drama online during its run. Group8, its producers, cleverly partnered with a popular online drama streaming site for fan translations. They also entered an exclusive deal with YouTube to upload seven webisodes of the drama. The drama's online popularity was even covered by CNN's Talk Asia with Anna Cohen.

"Playful Kiss" is set to premiere on May 30 as part of GMA7's afternoon drama line-up.

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