Fueling your ‘Playful Kiss’ addiction

As reported by Yahoo! Philippines OMG! last May, popular Korean drama "Playful Kiss" locally aired on GMA7 (Hyperlink: http://ph.omg.yahoo.com/blogs/okpop/playful-kiss-air-local-tv-003032446.html). Indeed, time flies while you are having fun. Fans of "Playful Kiss" and its endearing characters Gelo and Honey will surely miss the show as it ends its local run on Friday, July 15.

Still, for those who developed a love for this unlikely couple, I have good news for you! Did you know that you can continue enjoying the cute "love-hate" dynamic duo of Gelo and Honey online?

Group8, the producer of "Playful Kiss", had partnered with YouTube to offer exclusive web streaming of seven webisodes of the drama. These webisodes continues the love story of Gelo and Honey after their marriage. Gear up for the unwelcome entry of Gelo's flirtatious childhood sweetheart, an unlikely birthday celebration, a possible pregnancy and many other exciting adventures as Gelo and Honey's love story continues.

If you want to watch these webisodes, consider subscribing to the official "Playful Kiss" YouTube channel (Hyperlink: http://www.youtube.com/user/ytkiss). Make sure to turn on the subtitles!

To help you get started, here is the first webisode.

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