CNBLUE gives fans ‘Ear Fun’

The CNBLUE boys are back and this time the talented Korean band offer the Boices, their fans, some "Ear Fun!"

CNBLUE, composed of Jung Yong Hwa (lead vocal, rhythm guitar), Lee Jong Hyun (lead guitar, vocals), Lee Jung Shin (bass guitar, vocals) and Kang Min Hyuk (drums, vocals), are back with their latest mini album titled "Ear Fun." After teasing fans by uploading the coolest solo teasers ever, CNBLUE officially released their newest single titled "Hey You."

True to the signature CNBLUE sound, "Hey You" is a pleasing mellow rock track highlighted by an addicting hook. In the track, the lead vocals of Yong Hwa is perfectly complemented by the manly timbre of Jong Hyun's voice. This is signature CNBLUE at its freshest and hottest. The accompanying MV is great enough to turn a non-CNBLUE fan into a Boice. The balance of the members' pretty boy charms and rock and roll sensibilities will surely endear them to fans and win them new ones.

CNBLUE's last album titled "First Step" generated positive reviews from critics and fans and "Ear Fun" is set to do the same. CNBLUE, known for their unique sound, enjoys the respect for fellow Korean stars including Hallyu stars Super Junior. This respect is not surprising since the boys are undoubtedly talented and able to deliver fresh Korean music. The complete track list of CNBLUE's "Ear Fun" is as follows:

1. "Hey You"

2. "Still in Love"

3. "Dream Boy"

4. "Rock n' Roll"

5. "Run"

6. "In My Head"

To experience CNBLUE, click on the videos below. What do you think of "Hey You" and "Still in Love?" Share your thoughts with us!

CNBLUE "Hey You"

CNBLUE "Still in Love"

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