Big Bang’s G-Dragon indicted for marijuana use

Hallyu superstar G-Dragon from popular K-Pop idol group Big Bang is causing stir in the K-Pop world as reports were released about his involvement in marijuana use.

Last October 5, the Seoul prosecutor's office stated that G-Dragon was arrested for smoking marijuana. The use of drugs is considered a serious crime and may signal the career downfall of a star.

The incident in question occurred last June 15. G-Dragon was quoted as saying: "I smoked a cigarette that someone gave me at a club and the smell was sort of different from a regular cigarette. I was slightly suspicious that it was marijuana. It is true, though, that I smoked it."

Due to the small amount detected and other factors including age, admission of guilt, and motive, G-Dragon was only given a warning. Still, this news came as a shock to his management, YG Entertainment who released a statement expressing that "It is a shock. We will prepare an official statement after this is verified." With G-Dragon being one of the biggest stars of YG Entertainment, I am sure an emergency strategic meeting was called.

It is too bad that this news came at the eve of G-Dragon's impending comeback this October. Big Bang seems to be suffering from hits these days with Daesung just recovering from his recent car accident. Looks like G-Dragon's comeback might be delayed due to this issue.

Photo courtesy of SportsKorea

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