Sustainably sourced goods store, Uglyfood, will be closing from 9 Jan 2023 onwards

After 7 years of business, Uglyfood, a sustainable grocery store, will be closing down from 9 Jan 2023 onwards, with the possibility of extending its closing date.

Uglyfood - Poster

In a post on Instagram, Uglyfood mentioned how they were unable to raise the funds required to grow further and therefore have to shut down operations. On its Telegram channel, it mentioned how “it’s almost a one man show at this point.”

This news was met with netizens expressing their disbelief as many were patrons of their affordable and waste-friendly goods. Some even called for them to set up crowdfunding to continue running the store.

Uglyfood - Vegetable Bundle

Uglyfood was founded in 2016 and initially started out as a school project. Its goal was to eliminate food waste and revamp the food ecosystem by making sustainability a part of people’s everyday lives.

They sell fruits and vegetables that were in excess or apparently looked too ugly for the masses (yes, that’s a thing). They also have their own branded products and other sustainably sourced goods.

Uglyfood - Vegetable Bundle

Apart from selling goods, Uglyfood also provides educational content through quirky comics to bring awareness about food wastage and sustainable food. There are also sustainability workshops that teach you on sustainable consumption and even show you how to use every part of a fruit.

Some of the sustainable item sold includes Jumbo Argentina Cherries 500g (S$12.66), Egypt Strawberry 250g (S$3.80) and Aloha Banana 500g (S$1.70). Uglyfood also sold food bundles such as Fruits Bundle (S$20), Western Bundle (S$20) and Mushroom Bundle (S$10).

Here’s hoping the crowdfunding pulls through!

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