Surrey Hills Grocer opens a new hidden cafe at ION Orchard, a breath of freshness away from the bustling city

Imagine walking through the carpark to get to your brunch appointment— what an experience! A space that houses a gourmet marketplace, a stunning cafe, and an artisanal bakery, Surrey Hills Grocer has now opened in a much more central location, ION Orchard.

Offering a large space across the whole area of 3,800 square feet, this place is really a hidden gem— it is located on deck 5 of the carpark! Who would’ve thought that a grocer selling the freshest Australian goods would be located through those elusive doors?

Surrey Hills Grocer 1

Once you walk through the doors, you’ll be ushered into the Australian grocer that has a smaller retail outlet as compared to the Jurong outlet, and expands to an elongated stretch of the dining area. Fitted with gorgeous curved glass windows, natural sunlight shines into the dining space which brightens up the whole stretch. Its harmonious hues of green and brown and the inclusion of an assemblage of plants supports the whole farm-to-table concept.

Its menu differs slightly from the first outlet, serving up exclusive items to the ION outlet only.

Surrey Hills Grocer 2

The new star of the show is the BBQ Pork Shoulder Benny (S$28). Made out of 48-hour sous vide pork shoulder, it is topped with poached eggs and a slice of bacon for a hint of savoury touches to balance out the sweetness from the pork.

Surrey Hills Grocer 3

And for the sweet-loving brunch diners, the Cereals Crusted French Toast (S$22) is a great and refreshing option for you. Slices of thick brioche are coated in cornflakes, giving it an elevated layer of crunchy texture as you take a bite into the toast. Topped off with an assemble of fresh berries, ice cream, and fresh cream, it’ll definitely satisfy your morning sweet-tooth cravings.

Surrey Hills Grocer has an exclusive dessert counter that is helmed by ex-Antoinette chef, Pang Kok Keong. Serving an array of delicately baked cakes, some interesting flavours include Peanut Butter and Jam and Upside down Apple. They also have an ice cream counter supplied by the best— Creamier ice cream.

Unfortunately, some down sides is that the ION outlet is not pet-friendly like the Jurong one is, but you’ll be sure to be compensated by its wide variety of exclusive dining items that you aren’t able to attain in Jurong. Easties that have found difficulty patronising the store, head on over now!

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