Sun Peng and Di Ying sell homes for son's defense

20 Jun – Rumours are rife that Taiwanese celebrity couple Sun Peng and Di Ying are selling their homes to raise money for their son's defense now that his case has entered the federal level.

As reported on Phoenix, the couple have reportedly sold their villa and are now selling another family home in Neihu to pay for son Sun An-tso's legal defense, which is estimated to cost around NTD 9 million.

It is reported that the asking price for the latest luxury home is at NTD 4.86 million, though no sale has been reported yet at the time of writing.

The couple originally thought that their son, who was arrested earlier this year for allegedly planning to carry out a shooting at his high school in Pennsylvania, will only be banned from entering the US again and will be able to come home with them to Taiwan after pleading guilty to making terroristic threats during a trial at the Delaware County court.

However, his case has since been handed over to federal authorities, who then charged him with the felony offense of possessing ammunition while on a nonimmigrant visa.

If found guilty, the maximum sentence is 10 years of prison time, three years supervised release and a USD 250,000 fine.

(Photo Source: Sun Peng Weibo)