Summer-Proof Your Skincare

Tatin Yang for Yahoo! Southeast Asia
BeautyTalk3 Looks Article

March had barely started and the weather bureau already recorded "hottest days of the year," so expect the temperature to skyrocket unbearably once April hits. And this pounding heat can sometimes make getting dressed up in the morning unbearable, what more your usual regimen of beauty creams and potions?

But summer doesn't mean giving your beauty habit a rest. Beyond using skincare products with built-in SPF, here are five other ways you can still stick to your skincare routine with a few adjustments to make you comfortable under the intense heat.

1. Turn to something fruity or minty

Start your summer beauty routine in the shower. Look for a shampoo with fruit, mint or menthol infusions—these will help you keep a cool head. Mix a few drops of peppermint oil in your favorite body wash or look for minty or cooling soaps. Wash your hair daily, but shampoo every other day (conditioner only on the other days) to avoid stripping your hair of its natural oils. If you have oily hair, then stick to daily washing.

2. Lighten your routine

If your moisturizing creams were a big help during the cooler "ber" months, these creams can get too heavy and sticky for those with oily skin during the hot summer days. Switch to gel or fluid formulas, these keep your face moisturized without that heavy feeling which will leave your face greasy and slick. Make sure to look for an oil-free gel or fluid moisturizer to keep face matte and fresh.

3. Sweat-proof yourself

Sweat is the body's natural response to help cool you down in the heat. But excessive sweating can instantly make you feel like a wilted flower. Keep the sweat monsters at bay by lightly dusting yourself with powder, especially along sweat prone areas like your inner thighs, back, chest and backs of knees and thighs. Of course, don't forget the most essential zone of sweat control: the 'pits. Look for an anti-perspirant and deodorant combo instead of just deodorant, which banishes the consequent smell from the sweat-bacteria party in your armpits, but not the sweat.

You'll know it's an anti-perspirant when one of the active ingredients contains aluminum (our elders used to rub this on their armpits in pulverized crystal form, a.k.a tawas).

If your feet also get squishy from sweat, get your spray anti-perspirant to do double duty—you can spray the 'pits and the feet for head to toe armor against sweat.

4. D-I-Y hydrating mist

Stash a spray bottle filled with a hydrating mist in your bag to help keep you cool the entire day.

You can make your own using this recipe: Mix orange and lemon peels in a bowl, pour 750 ml of boiling water on the peels to extract essence (make sure you have enough boiling water to submerge peels). Cover and leave the mixture to rest overnight, strain the following day, and add Vitamin E oil from two capsules (extract the oil from the capsules by piercing the capsule with a sterilized needle), transfer to a purse-sized spray bottle and spritz it on your face, nape, neck and chest when the heat becomes unbearable, fan yourself immediately after for a refreshing feeling. You can also keep your face mist in the fridge until you need it for maximum cooling effect.

5. Don't forget the lips!

Lips need love, too. Don't forget your pout when sunproofing yourself—studies have shown that unprotected lips could be a gateway for skin cancer. Exercise sun protection by covering up your pucker with an SPF-infused lip balm or better yet, adding a layer of color on top of it.