Sultan Moni, the Tech CEO Behind Ongrocery – Ontario’s Most Economical Grocery Delivery Service

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Listed among top 75 Canadian immigrants in Canada within 5 years of his arrival, the 25-year-old tech entrepreneur and CEO Sultan Moni has been keeping busy, finding technological solutions to everyday problems.

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Launched in November 2020, ongrocery has since made thousands of deliveries, with orders and clients growing exponentially every day. Started in Peterborough Ontario, the service rapidly expanded to 15 cities across Greater Toronto Area, Peel Region, and Durham region. They recently partnered with Ryerson Student Union to launch The Food Box program to provide access to free groceries to Ryerson University students.

Moni noticed that during COVID-19 restrictions, grocery delivery service was the safest and easiest way. After some basic research, he quickly realized that the utility of it went beyond just the pandemic lockdowns. It helps families and students save time, get more errands done, and at least strike one, repetitive chore off the already over-flowing to-do lists.

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At the same time - while working with Shelter homes and foodbanks during COVID-19 - it was clear to him that not everyone would readily use such a service due to the cost: the hefty delivery fee, mark up price, service fee and other miscellaneous fees and taxes would blow up the bottom line. Many people Moni talked to spoke of reduced budgets and lower expenses. Who would pay on top for a delivery service? Unless it was dirt cheap. And ongrocery was born.

Selling products at retail price and charging less than a dollar for delivery with no other additional costs, no service fee, no price markup, no other hidden fees, ongrocery is quickly becoming very popular.

Ongrocery wanted to be a service everyone could afford which included a significant percentage of Canadians belonging to an ethnic group. Their catalog of products includes a very wide selection of ethnic branded products from around the world that customers can have delivered to their doorstep for less than a dollar. ongrocery also offers free delivery to thousands of Students and families across GTA through various corporate partnerships.

Sultan Moni has been involved in app-development for the restaurant industry for over 4 years. His previous launches included a food discovery app, followed by a restaurant order-ahead app. His current NFC-based restaurant menu, zatiq - aims to help the hospitality industry recover from the aftermath of the COVID-19 lockdowns.

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