‘Succession’ Was Just Renewed for Season 4! Here’s Everything We’ve Heard About Next Season

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Photo credit: David M. Russell
Photo credit: David M. Russell

Who would have guessed that a show set in boardrooms and European villas would become the next Game of Thrones? Succession is down for another round and was just renewed for season 4, which is obviously great news. Even Kendall Roy wouldn’t pull something as shocking as canceling the HBO series before showrunner Jesse Armstrong cooks up the perfect ending. This is a prestigious show!

Now that season 3 is finally airing and we’re all choosing teams, it’s time to start thinking about the endgame—and I don’t mean “endgame” like whether or not Gerri and Roman or Greg and Tom will finally kiss. I’m talking about how and when the show will bow out.

The immediate future of Succession is safe, but recently, some of the folks behind the scenes got fans nervous that the series finale could be on the horizon. Season 3 will take us right into December and will be followed by season 4…but then what?

“I think the maximum would be five seasons but possibly more like four,” writer-producer Georgia Pritchett told The Times of Succession’s longevity in June 2021. “We’re at the end of filming season 3, so at this point, Jesse is saying only one more. But that happens every time. We’ve got a good end in sight.”

Well, well, well! That means the writers do know how it’s going to end. We just have to sit around and wait to see when it’s going to end and whether that’s going to happen after season 4 or a potential season 5. You just know that the ending is going to be some epic Shakespearean sh*t. Might as well crank the Nicholas Britell so you’ll have something to vibe out to in the meantime.

Photo credit: David M. Russell
Photo credit: David M. Russell

HBO would probably let the show overstay its welcome if it could. (It’s just as smitten with the deplorable Roy family as we are!) At the season 3 premiere, according to Deadline, HBO’s head of content Casey Bloys likened the show to a child—an iconic choice of metaphor given Succession’s rampant daddy issues. “If you have kids, this is kind of like a very bright, very gifted, very attractive child who goes to an Ivy League school and does cancer research and falls in love with someone from a very wealthy family and wants to spend every weekend with you and maybe name their kid after you. So no favorites, but a very, very nice child to have.” Who does he think he is, Logan??

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