This Stunning Coastline Was Just Named the Most 'Unforgettable' Natural Landmark in the U.S.

The Na Pali Coast along the island of Kauai in Hawaii ranked No. 10 among natural landmarks around the world.

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What makes something "unforgettable?" Is it the smell? The view? The people you're with? Or a whole host of other intangibles? It can be all that and more. And if you're looking to chase down a few more unforgettable moments, Explore Worldwide has some suggestions.

The travel website unveiled its list of the most unforgettable landmarks around the globe, including one truly spectacular place in the United States.

To come to its conclusion, the team began by creating a seed list of 150 natural landmarks commonly described as "unforgettable," "scenic," or "must-see." For each landmark, the researchers then calculated the percentage of reviews on popular travel review websites using the terms. The higher the percentage of reviews with the terms, the higher the landmark ranked.

After crunching the numbers, the team named the Na Pali Coast along the island of Kauai in Hawaii as the No. 1 most unforgettable natural landmark in the United States — and the No. 10 most unforgettable natural landmark in the world.

"Exploring the Na Pali Coast often involves a mix of activities, from walking along the Kalalau Trail with its breathtaking views to sailing along the coastline on catamarans or kayaking through the sea caves," the findings shared. "Such diversity of experiences no doubt contributes to the percentage of reviews expressing the memorability of the Na Pali Coast adventure."

As the team further added, the Na Pali Coast, which was once compared to "the Garden of Eden" by National Geographic, is both a gorgeous natural treasure and an important historical influence for Hawaiians.

"It used to be home to ancient Hawaiian communities and visitors can still find old ruins and ancient terraced fields here," the findings stated. "The area is rich in legends and stories which have been passed down through generations, adding to the mysteriousness of this landmark and ensuring unforgettable memories."

Travelers can take various tours to see the coastline, including by air and sea, but no matter how you choose to see it, odds are it will indeed be unforgettable.

<p>Paul Brady/Travel + Leisure</p> African elephants in front of Mount Kilimanjaro in the Kimana Sanctuary, Kenya

Paul Brady/Travel + Leisure

African elephants in front of Mount Kilimanjaro in the Kimana Sanctuary, Kenya

As for other natural landmarks to make the list, Explore named Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania the No. 1 most unforgettable spot in the world, followed by the Gobi Desert in Mongolia, China; Mount Cameroon in Cameroon; the Amazon rainforest; and the Caucasus Mountains in Georgia rounding out the top five.

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