Steven Ma is transitioning to behind-the-scenes work



20 Sep – Steven Ma recently admitted that he has been preparing himself to work behind the scenes, now that filming offers are slowly declining.

The actor, who sat down for an interview recently, shared that he has taken a film editing course earlier and learned how to write scripts, and also cut back on production to make the transition to behind-the-scenes work.

"Roles that suit me are harder to come by now. I only do projects that have interesting scripts. I may do it for eight or ten more years," he said.

However, Steven said that retreating behind the scenes does not mean that he will stop acting altogether.

"It's just that the identity would be different. When I say this, I think of Derek Yee and Stephen Fung, who went from being in front of the screen to becoming a director and screenwriter," he added.

It is noted that Steven has not done any dramas in the 2020s, having focused on his studies and singing career. His last TVB drama was the 2018's "Deep in the Realm of Conscience" and "Heart and Greed". He also directed the movie, "Till We Meet Again", which he dedicated to his late mother.


Steven previously completed his Executive MBA programme
Steven previously completed his Executive MBA programme


(Photo Source: Steven Ma IG)