Steven Cheung apologises for not paying debts

Heidi Hsia
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28 Jan – Steven Cheung recently took to social media to apologise to his creditors for not being able to repay his debts as soon as he had hoped due to the current situation.

As reported on ETNET, the singer's post came after model Naomi Fung - who was one of the many who lent him a five-digit sum in the past - went online to express her dissatisfaction with Steven after his wife, former model Au Man Man posted a rant on Instagram about having needed to ask the workers to move the electrical appliances that she just bought.

After hinting about a certain someone being able to buy electrical appliances when in fact does not take the actions to repay debts, she wrote, "Steven Cheung, are you really not going to pay back the money? Haven't you talked about paying in instalments? For more than a year and a half, I haven't even been paid a single dollar."

Following Naomi's rant, Steven posted his response on social media on 27 January, writing that aside from doing various odd jobs, he also had to borrow money from friends to pay all his debts after his work was halted due to the previous scandal.

"Because of the impact of the pandemic, I had been let go many times. I have worked hard to find money and hope that it can support my family and pay creditors back. But it has been challenging," he said, adding that his situation made it hard for him to pay everybody back.

However, Steven promised that he would continue to repay all of his friends when the situation is much better.

As for the issue of his wife buying new things despite his claims of not making money, Steven stated that the electrical appliances were all bought using the points saved from their phone service and were not famous brands. He added that even his kids' toys and clothes are mostly gifts from their grandmothers and friends.

As to why he didn't move the family back to Kwun Tong where it would be cheaper, Steven explained that his wife has three dogs and that his parents' place does not allow pets.

"It is very stressful to take care of a family, and I work hard to improve myself. I just hope that everyone can give me the opportunity. I will certainly not disappoint everyone again!" he added.

Steven with one of their pets
Steven with one of their pets

(Photo Source: Steven Cheung Instagram)