Stephy Qi denies suffering from prenatal depression in the past

5 Dec - Stephy Qi recently had to clarify a misunderstanding caused by an interview she had on a variety show.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the actress, who is married to Korean-American actor Lee Seung-hyun, recently shared her experience during her second pregnancy, saying that she couldn't help but cry after feeling unwanted.

Stephy stated that she has a habit of reading messages on her phone after waking up, and that she would usually get hundreds of messages from friends and for job offers. However, while she was heavily pregnant with her second child, she noticed that the messages began to slow down, until there were no more.

She said that she could only convince herself that her friends and work team were busy with other things and that they did not need her.

The actress is a mother of two
The actress is a mother of two

The interview sparked a discussion among netizens and media alike, with many expressing concerns about Stephy's mental and physical condition. Some even believed that she had had a prenatal depression.

In response to that, the actress took to social media to clarify that the theories circulating the internet were incorrect.

"I have no prenatal or postpartum depression. I was never depressed and I have not been unable to find a job because of pregnancy. I was just experiencing emotional fluctuations at the time," she said.

Stephy also encouraged pregnant fans not to be too anxious or nervous, adding, "I hope that family and friends can give expectant mothers more companionship and care, and we can happily welcome the arrival of babies together. I want my good luck during pregnancy to pass on to every expectant mother."

(Photo Source: Stephy Qi Wei Weibo)