Stephen Shiu says Michael Lai passed away from lung cancer

3 Dec– Although his secretary Clara Lam kept mum about the details surrounding Michael Lai's passing, media personality Stephen Shiu recently stated that the composer actually passed away from lung cancer.

As reported on Mingpao, Stephen, who spoke to the media about Michael recently, shared that the music director had to halt the recording of his show, "Cantopop at 50" and was sent to the hospital around March or April due to pneumonia.

"In the first month of his pneumonia, he didn't know it was cancer. But then they found out about it and that it was in its terminal stage. It quickly spread to his whole body," he said.

The composer immediately had his treatment, but had to stop when he experienced a huge drop of blood pressure during haemodialysis.

Stephen also stated that he was able to see Michael on his last day.

"I didn't say anything at first. But then I grabbed his hand and told him that he need not worry, as his name will be part of the history," he said.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)