Stephen Fung, Shu Qi made simple preparation for wedding

5 Sep - Since the idea of tying the knot just came to Stephen Fung and Shu Qi while they were filming in Prague, many are curious about how they were able to release their pre-wedding photos to the public and how the couple prepared for their big day.

As reported on Tencent, Stephen and Shu, who announced their marriage on 1pm on 3 September, had a week to prepare for the simple ceremony.

Shu Qi reportedly wore a H&M dress that was sent to her two years ago, while Stephen's suit was just recently bought. As for her pink dress, Shu Qi reportedly bought it before the photo-shoot.

It was reported that Shu Qi also picked her veil at a local bridal salon where she did her hair as well.

According to their official photographer, he received the notice only one week prior to the photo-shoot.

The couple bought a Bulgari ring, a brand that Shu Qi endorsed, and that Stephen picked the Delicata a Venizia platinum diamond series as a symbol of their love.

However, as to where the wedding was held and details about the location, neither Stephen nor Shu Qi wanted to reveal it, as they hoped to retain some privacy about their special day.

(Photo Source: Weibo)

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