Starbucks brings state-of-the-art Black Eagle espresso machine into Tampines heartland

Teng Yong Ping
Lifestyle Editor
Starbucks’ revamped store at Tampines Mall. The two-storey cafe has a Black Eagle espresso machine and offers manual brew styles. (PHOTO: Teng Yong Ping/Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)

Starbucks is bringing handcrafted coffee using a state-of-the-art expresso machine to the heartland at its revamped cafe in Tampines Mall.

The new two-story outlet, decked with a striking glass facade, is the first among the chain’s heartland stores to use the Black Eagle espresso machine, and offers manual brewing options such as Chemex, pour-over, French press, as well as the Nitro cold brew.

Starbucks relaunched the store on Friday (14 December) after a period of renovation, to mark the chain’s 22nd anniversary in Singapore.

Starbucks only has two other Black Eagle machines at its Singapore outlets – one at the Starbucks Reserve Experience Bar in United Square, and the other at Marina Bay Sands.

The Black Eagle allows the barista to manually control various aspects of the espresso brewing process, such as bean ratio, brewing time and water temperature.

Sasti, Starbucks Regional Barista Champion, making an espresso with Starbucks Tampines Mall’s Black Eagle espresso machine. (PHOTO: Teng Yong Ping/Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)

The new store does not serve the more high-end coffees offered at Starbucks Reserve stores – of which there are seven in Singapore currently. Reserve stores serve artisanal coffees from small-batch, one-source coffee beans.

Patrick Kwok, general manager of Starbucks Singapore, told Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore, “Instead of offering the seasonal Reserve beans available at the Reserve stores, this boutique store will offer a familiar menu in a brand new ambience, especially apt for shoppers looking for a break from the bustle of the mall.

“Furthermore, it brings to suburban Tampines a more immersive and educational experience, so that more customers can explore the tastes and flavours of coffees prepared in varying methods.”

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