How to Spot Fake Ugg Boots and Avoid Scam Websites

While Ugg sheepskin slippers and boots have remained a staple in many closets since the early 2000s, the shoes have surged in popularity in recent years thanks to Gen Z’s obsession with Y2K fashion.

Just like any popular brand, counterfeit and knockoff Ugg are being offered out there, along with scam Ugg websites that take credit card information but either send cheap, fake products or even none at all.

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In December 2023, TikTok users made a buzz trying to discern fake Ugg from the real deal. The discussion was born from confusion about an Australian brand called Ugg Since 1974, which is not associated with the Ugg brand — in Australia, “ugg” is a common term for sheepskin boots, regardless of the brand, so the word cannot be trademarked there.

The Ugg brand we know was started by Australian entrepreneur Brian Smith, who moved to California in the 1970s to create quality sheepskin footwear for the surf community there. Smith registered the “Ugg” brand name in the U.S. in the 1980s and sold the company to the current owners, shoe distributor Deckers (which also owns Hoka, Teva, Sanuk and Koolaburra by Ugg) in 1995.

Ugg Classic II water- repellent boot.
Ugg Classic II water-repellent boot.Courtesy of brand

How to avoid scam websites when buying Ugg boots:

Avoid resale or auction websites

The easiest way to ensure any Ugg product you buy is real is to purchase it from or your local Ugg store or authorized retailer. On, you can search for authorized retailers near you (including outside of the U.S.), including Nordstrom, Macy’s, Journeys and more. You can also purchase Uggs online from one of the authorized retailers’ websites or other trusted online retailers.

Uggs sold on resale and auction sites like Depop and eBay pose the risk of being counterfeit because they have not been verified.

Check the URL

Does the full URL start with https://? If not, it might not be a secure site. The “s” means that the website is encrypted, offering better protection from hackers. URLs that include a variation of Ugg or a Ugg style as their domain name, such as “Uggtasman” or “Uggboots,” are not authentic.

ugg boot, ugg
Ugg Classic Ultra Mini ReImagined in Chestnut Multi.UGG

Verify the site’s contact info

Look for the “Contact Us” section of the website. Be wary if there is no customer support phone number or email address. If there is a live chat, see if you get helpful answers to your questions. Generic response only in the chat may mean it’s just a front.

Look out for grammatical errors

A website that looks off probably is. If there are noticeable misspellings and grammatical errors, this indicates the website was put together quickly and carelessly, and could be fake. The product photos and website layout could be directly copied from to trick customers, so make sure to look closely at the site’s details mentioned here to double-check its authenticity.

Unbeatable bargains

If the product prices seem too good to be true, they probably are. Sure, Uggs do go on sale, but if the price offered is far below retail, they’re probably not real. For reference, at the time of this writing, the women’s Classic Short II boot retails for $180. You can check to verify retail prices and check if a big sale found elsewhere online is perhaps a scam.

Often, sites offering impossibly discounted Uggs have no intention of sending any product to their “customers.” Instead, they will steal your money and credit card information. Also, counterfeit Uggs may be offered at lower prices because they are made with cheap materials.

Ugg, Gallery Dept, collaboration
The Ugg x Gallery Dept. collection.Ugg

How to identify counterfeit Uggs:

Poor quality

Uggs are beloved for their cozy, soft sheepskin lining. Genuine Ugg products are made with Twinface sheepskin and quality stitching. Knockoffs and counterfeits are made with noticeably lower quality materials and craftsmanship. If the fur is coming off or shedding or the shoes are discolored, they are counterfeit.

Compare with official product photos

When in doubt, visit to compare your product to official photos on the website. Zoom in to see how the stitching and design look on the authentic product to see if yours matches up.

The address

Every Ugg product is shipped to its warehouse in California to undergo its quality control process before being sent to customers and retailers. If your Ugg order was delivered from China or another country, it’s likely not authentic.

“Ugg Since 1974” x Ugg

"Ugg Since 1974" x Ugg
“Ugg Since 1974” x UggUgg

Of course, there are other brands that make sheepskin or faux fur boots, slippers and shoes in similar styles. Perhaps the most confusing competitor is an Australian brand named Ugg Since 1974, with a similar-font logo.

Since “ugg” is not trademarked in Australia and New Zealand, they are free to use the name there, and as they explain on their website, they are not and have never been associated with the Deckers-owned Ugg brand.

Ugg, Telfar, collaboration, denim.
Ugg, Telfar, collaboration, denim.

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