Spoof Bad Neighbours 2 Promo Suggests Zombies In Part 3

‘Bad Neighbours 2′ just hit cinemas, and the critics are widely declaring it one of the best comedy sequels ever.

Obviously, this is about when they start thinking about a third movie… and if the below video is anything to go by, Seth Rogen and Zac Efron have some bold ideas about where the story should go from here.

Watch it below (don’t worry, it’s SFW).

This is, of course, a unique crossover promo for both the comedy sequel (entitled ‘Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising’ in the US) and TV series ‘Fear The Walking Dead,’ spin-off of the popular zombie series.

Somehow we doubt this is what will actually happen in a third ‘Bad Neighbours’ movie, assuming they make one.

But hey, the third ‘Jump Street’ movie is going to be a ‘Men in Black’ crossover. Stranger things have happened.

‘Bad Neighbours 2′ is in cinemas now.

Picture Credit: Universal

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