Get Spirited Away with JIU ASIA 2023

Spirits showcase JIU Asia 2023 will take place at Marina Bay Sands from 25 to 27 May 2023. It will be a trailblazing event on Singapore’s spirits scene, being the first ever to feature a distinctive line-up of independent and local brands. Most notably, they will exhibit exclusive white-label selections, rare casks and collections.

Apart from the showcase, there will be talks on investing in spirits by industry experts, and even a spirits auction.

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JIU Asia 2023 highlights include masterclasses and guided tasting sessions featuring an expansive range of spirits. With a keen focus on Baijiu and Whisky, these masterclasses will be helmed by leading industry figures, including “The Whisky Man” Keith K L Chong, Tim Barnes, and Lawrence Lim.

Attendees will get the chance to delve into the thousand-year-old Chinese Baijiu culture and, by extension, uncover what makes world-renowned Kweichou Moutai so revered and popular world-wide.

JIU Asia 2023 - Sample of Alcohol & Food Pairings

For those looking to expand their collection, JIU Asia 2023 will be hosting an Exclusive Hybrid Auction. Attendees can bid on an assortment of the world’s finest and rarest spirits during the auction held over the course of the event.

For both the regular spirit lover and the industry professional, JIU Asia 2023 is an excellent networking stage to meet other like-minded folks. It sets the stage for enthusiasts to discover new spirits, and learn more about independent and local brands.

Don’t be afraid to venture out of your comfort zone and explore. From up and coming brands like Prohibition Liquor Co. to local ones such as Compendium Spirits and their Rojak Gin — Singapore’s first locally flavoured Gin, discover new flavours with JIU Asia 2023!

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